EntertainmentFree Netflix Accounts and Passwords Jan 2020 (updated)

Free Netflix Accounts and Passwords Jan 2020 (updated)


Netflix is an online streaming provider that allows their subscriber to watch documentaries, TV shows, movies and more on a wide range of internet connected devices. As the company provides this unique service, the website has no ads as they generate their revenue through the subscription-based model.

After the subscriber pay for a monthly subscription plan, they have access to stream shows, movies, documentaries and other content in the high quality (SD, HD, Ultra HD).

Unlike another large website that focused on media delivery, Netflix uses a Content Delivery Network to store and deliver their media.

Netflix has a larger amount of data which works directly with the ISPs by installing a box called Open Connect Appliances which works as either at exchange points or within the ISPs and the box can hold up to 280 terabytes of videos, which is presumably near around complete Netflix library. Netflix is the best online platform to watch shows and movies on your smartphone and have a great experience downloading its app.


Despite Netflix require a subscription to enjoy its service, you can have a free account and still enjoy the service. Although you may find a various different website on Google offering free Netflix account but with time, they no longer exist or not working again. Upon all, you can still have your own Free Netflix Account and this article will guide you on how to have your own Free Account, if you also want to gain a free access to all content without paying any monthly charges, there are also few tricks which you can use as a guide to have a free account and also get a free entry into Netflix and make use of all the features provided by it.



With this method, you will get additional free trials on Netflix. Below are the steps to follow

Step 1. Start by making a new email account if you don’t have one and register it so you can look up to it in case you forget the email ID or password you can make the account on Gmail or any other site. But if you already have an email account, proceed to the next step.

Step 2. Get a prepaid credit card as you will need it to run errand every time you sign up for the trial version but note that you won’t be charged anything till you have got the trial version.

Step 3. Next is to Netflix and sign up for the monthly trial. While you are signing up, use the new email account and the details of the prepaid credit card.

Step 4.  You will need to cancel your Netflix account before the monthly trial expires else, you will be charged for a monthly plan. If you want to delete your account, click on account name visible on the top right, then select your account and Cancel Streaming Plan or Cancel DVD Plan. Then, follow the prompts to confirm the cancellation.

Step 5. You can follow the above steps to get another free trial for a month.

Step 6. The above-listed method might be quite hectic as you will have to get a new account and a new credit card every month but, if you make use of a PayPal account and you have already connected your prepaid card to it, , you can grab the second month of Netflix with the same card, just by providing your PayPal details instead. But it should be noted that PayPal may shut down accounts with fake information.


If you want to cancel your membership, you can do so by click on your profile image and from the drop-down select your account. Under membership and billing select cancel membership option. That’s it!


This method will guide you on how you can share your Netflix account with someone else as there is love in sharing. Follow the steps below to get this done:

Step 1. You can create and have 5 different profiles on a single Netflix Account but not more than 2 profiles can stream at the same moment.

Step 2. There will be no extra charges or illegal thing using this method.

Step 3. A lot of people share their Netflix account with their friends and family.

Step 4. This method is error free but not more than 2 profiles can be stream at the same time.

250+ free Netflix Premium Accounts Username And Password (Jan 2020)

Few Accounts have just being activated for you and hope you will not change the password as this is specially made for you!

Netflix Free App” to watch Movies and TV show free

S. NO.UsernamePassword
1.ricardoisidoro@bol.com.br 008249
2.barxky1976@yahoo.com interview0929
3.kedar@sfamo.com techwearsa21
4.emilybeswan98@gmail.com emily098
5.hfhtugnjg@gmail.com cataleah25
6.ijuvota@gmail.com cdefgahc
7.forshee@oasisband.net qwerty7
8.measondewin8@yahoo.com 88@melvik
9.jrrllicey@hotmail.com 123456
10.eeyidogan@hotmail.com 517454614

Netflix username and password free New List of 2020




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