Life is unpredictable. “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” — Mae West. In everyday life, we tangle in many life issues, and sometimes we need someone’s perspective to get rid of the situation. 

HBO dropped the new television docu-series “How To with John Wilson “created by filmmaker John Wilson. The series, executive produced by Nathan Fielder and Clark Reinking, was ordered by HBO.

HBO’s new documentary creator John Wilson begins the journey of self-discovery and cultural observation by secretly filming the lives of New Yorkers. Wilson tries to advice while dealing with his issues.

He serves as writer, cameraman, director, producer, the narrator of all the new six episodes docu-series. John Wilson is the host of the film. Unluckily you can’t see him as he filming his whole documentary behind the camera. All you can listen to his voice and see the cool stuff he shot for you. 

HBO’s new docuseries first’s the episode “How to make small talks” premiered on October 23, 2020. The rest of the episodes will released per week. 

 What is the plot of the docuseries? 

The series probably the docuseries for half-hour episodes covered in six episodes. It consists of cringe comedy, full of awkward, weird and bizarre moments. Different kind of humor the people finds relatable and sincere.

 John Wilson captured the shot of New York’s city while walking around the city. There is some footage of mediocre moments of everyday life in the city of New York.

He is the one filming his documentary behind the camera all the time. Connected with the audience with his charming voice. 

In the documentary, Wilson interacts with many people and made a healthy conversation with them. Sometimes he listens to their perspective and sometimes he gives his advice to the related matter. 

From the glimpse of the trailer, we see a beautiful shot of New York City and some random cool stuff. He tried to find out the answers to some of life’s biggest questions.

Wilson’s first episode “How to make small talks” released on HBO. In which he said – “There are countless opportunities to make small talk in a big city, even though some people seem to avoid it at all costs.”

John Wilson created episodes with the motive to enhance some specific skills and tasks. 

In the trailer, Wilson requests his audience to stick with him- “Even if you think you’ve got it all figured out, there is the millions way to get it wrong”. Stays tuned to him and watch his latest episodes release in upcoming weeks. 

What is the cast involved with the docuseries? 

There is no cast involved as the film is made documentary. It mainly consists of footage of random stuff and images of everyday life in the city of New York.

The footage of busy, vibrant, noisy streets of New York and the hectic life of the urban people roaming around the city. John Wilson himself filming his documentary behind the camera. 

There is some footage of the random people on the streets. John Wilson interacts and made small as well as lengthy conservation with them. The people couldn’t aware that they contribute to his film. 

Where to watch the documentary film?

How to with John Wilson is available to watch on Prime HBO channel and HBO Max streaming now. 

An HBO subscription via Amazon Prime Video costs $14.99 per month and gives you access to the live HBO channel as well as its standard selection of movies and shows.

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Last Update: October 26, 2020