ITV have come up with several new dramas such as The Widow, Cheat and on Wednesday this year and Deepwater is newest among them. It is based on the Windermere series of novels written by Paula Daly.

Most of the beautiful scenes of this drama are filmed on Lake Windemere and it is set in the Lake District. It adds natural scenic beauty to this epic story of three women who struggle to balance their work and life pressures.

When will Deepwater series premiere on ITV?

The interesting and amazing television series will be premiered on ITV from Wednesday that is August 14, 2019.

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What is the story of ITV Deep Water series?

These six-episode series shows three complex and vibrant women who struggle to keep their heads up against any difficult situations or choices they are facing in their lives. The children of same age help to develop a connection between three women at the school gate.

Out of these three, one of them Lisa who is a businesswoman and married to a taxi driver, another is Roz who is a physiotherapist and the third one is Kate, a wealthy and well-organized mother who seems to have it all together.

Deep Water: Cast and Crew

The Deep Water cast contains several Emmy award-winning actresses.

Anna Friel Lisa Mother of three children and running a dog-kennels business
Sinead Roz Toovey Successful physiotherapist facing financial issues
Rosalind Kate A wealthy and well organized
Faye Joanne Policewoman and Roz’s neighbor
Charlie Winston Struggling musician, gambler and Roz’s partner
Gerald Scott Elias Rich man
Steve Adam Kate’s brother-in-law
Alistair Guy Kate husband and father of two children
Steve Cree Joe Kallisto Anna Friel’s on-screen husband

Deep Water: a trailer you must watch

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Last Update: August 15, 2019