March Madness 2024 is more than just a sporting event; it’s a cultural phenomenon that grips the nation every year. As college basketball teams battle it out on the court, fans eagerly anticipate Selection Sunday, the day when the field of 68 teams is announced, signaling the start of the NCAA Men’s & Women’s Basketball Tournament. With the proliferation of media platforms, finding the best coverage of Selection Sunday can sometimes be a challenge. Here, we’ll explore the various ways you can locate the most comprehensive and engaging coverage of Selection Sunday for March Madness.

March Madness Bracket

Television Coverage: March Madness 2024

  • CBS: As the official broadcaster of March Madness 2024, CBS provides extensive coverage of Selection Sunday. Tune in to your local CBS affiliate or stream online through the CBS Sports website or app to catch all the action.
  • ESPN: ESPN also offers comprehensive coverage of Selection Sunday, with in-depth analysis and expert commentary. Check your local listings or stream live through the ESPN app or website.
  • TBS, TNT, and TruTV: These networks, along with CBS, share broadcasting rights for the tournament. While they may not offer the primary coverage of Selection Sunday, they often provide additional analysis and behind-the-scenes insights.

Online Streaming:

  • NCAA March Madness Live: The official NCAA Bracket 2024 Live website and app offer live streaming of Selection Sunday coverage, including the announcement of the bracket and expert analysis. You can access the streaming service for free with a participating TV provider login.
  • CBS Sports Website and App: CBS Sports provides extensive coverage of 2024 NCAA Bracket, including live streaming of Selection Sunday. Visit their website or download the CBS Sports app to stream the event live on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • ESPN Website and App: ESPN’s digital platforms also offer live streaming of Selection Sunday coverage. Whether you’re on your computer or mobile device, you can tune in to ESPN’s coverage for the latest updates and analysis.
  • Social Media Platforms: Follow NCAA Basketball, CBS Sports, ESPN, and other relevant accounts on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for live updates, highlights, and behind-the-scenes content during Selection Sunday.

Radio Coverage:

  • Westwood One: Westwood One Sports provides radio coverage of Selection Sunday, offering live broadcasts and analysis across the country. Check your local radio listings or tune in online to catch the action on the airwaves.
  • SiriusXM: Subscribers to SiriusXM satellite radio can listen to live coverage of Selection Sunday on channels dedicated to college sports. Tune in to hear expert analysis and commentary as the bracket is revealed.
Mobile Apps:
  • NCAA Tournament Live App: Download the official NCAA Live app for your smartphone or tablet to access live streaming of Selection Sunday coverage, as well as scores, highlights, and bracket updates throughout the tournament.
  • CBS Sports App: Stay connected to Selection Sunday coverage and the entire NCAA tournament with the CBS Sports app. Get live streaming, scores, news, and analysis at your fingertips wherever you go.
  • ESPN App: The ESPN app offers live streaming of Selection Sunday coverage, along with scores, news, and highlights from the world of college basketball. Download the app to stay informed on all the latest developments.
Websites and Blogs:
  • Visit the official NCAA website for comprehensive coverage of Selection Sunday, including live updates, analysis, and interactive bracket tools. Stay informed with articles, videos, and interviews from NCAA experts.
  • Sports Illustrated: Sports Illustrated provides in-depth coverage, including Selection Sunday analysis, bracket predictions, and feature stories on teams and players. Visit their website for the latest insights and commentary.
  • ESPN’s website features extensive coverage of Selection Sunday, with articles, videos, and analysis from college basketball experts. Check back regularly for updates leading up to the tournament. Hard2know

Selection Sunday is a pivotal moment for college basketball fans, as the field of teams for Selection Sunday 2024 is revealed. With numerous options for coverage across television, online streaming, radio, mobile apps, and websites, locating the best coverage to suit your preferences has never been easier. Whether you prefer traditional television broadcasts, live streaming on your computer or mobile device, radio broadcasts, or keeping up-to-date through social media and websites, there’s a wealth of options to guarantee you don’t miss a moment of the madness. So, grab your brackets, settle in, and get ready for the excitement of March Madness 2024!

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Last Update: March 18, 2024