If you are a Directioner, you must already be aware of Harry Styles’ romantic movie release- My Policeman. The romantic movie is set to release online and we are more than excited about it.

My Policeman is a historical and gay fiction film which is based on the novel of the same name written by Bethan Roberts. The plot of the novel is inspired by the personal experience of English author E.M. Forster, wedded policeman Bob Buckingham, and his wife. The romantic gay movie begins in the1990s and goes on to tell the story of the past.

Michael Grandage is the director of the gay romantic movie. Ron Nyswaner wrote the screenplay of the fiction film starring beloved singer Harry Styles of the boyband One Direction. The famous singer is playing the role of a policeman, Tom in the romantic movie. Tom is a gay man who has been living a double life in the society that does not accept homosexual love.

Watch My Policeman to see how the love of two gay men struggles to find a place in the society back in the 1950s.

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What is the Plot of Harry Styles starrer My Policeman?

The storyline of My Policeman follows the story of three young people in a love triangle back in 1950s. The story of My Policeman is set in two timelines- the 1990s and 1950s. The movie starts off in 1990s when the trio has become old and retired from life and goes on to show the love story of decades ago and the tragic incidents that followed it.

Tom and Patrick’s love budded back in 1950s was when homosexuality was not accepted in the society in Britain. Tom is in love with another guy Patrick, a museum curator. However, Tom realizes it is better for him to be with Marion rather than Patrick who is another guy because the judge mental society would not accept them. So, he ends up marrying Marion whom he met on Brighton beach because of societal expectations.
Patrick and Tom end up having love affair which ends up completely shaking up the lives of the trio- Tom, Patrick and Tom’s wife Marion. A terrible series of events start when Marion realizes that Tom truly does want to be with Patrick.

Tom, Marion, and Patrick are brought back together in the 1990s, when the society has changed. But the scars of events that happened almost 40 years ago still hurts them as ever. You can watch My Policeman online now.

Is there any Trailer of My Policeman?

Amazon Prime Video released the first trailer of My Policeman on September 7. The trailer begins by portraying the budding affection between Tom and Marion( Emma Corrin). It later goes on to show how Tom’s ( Harry Styles) forbidden romance with Patrick( David Dawson) causes chaos in their marriage. We also get a brief glance of the elder three, which features Gina McKee, Linus Roache, and Rupert Everett.

Young Tom Burgess( Harry Styles) and Marion Taylor ( Emma Corrin) in My Policeman

You can watch the trailer of My Policeman here. You can also watch the second trailer of the romantic gay fiction movie directed by Michael Grandage here.

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Who is in the Cast of My Policeman?

The main leads of My Policeman includes Harry Styles, David Dawson and Emma Corrin.

Harry Styles is playing the role of young Tom Burgess in the gay romantic movie. Linus Roache is portraying the role of old Tom.

David Dawson is playing the role of Tom’s lover, young Patrick Hazlewood in My Policeman. The old Patrick is portrayed by actor Rupert Everett in the movie.

Patrick Hazlewood ( David Dawson) and Tom Burgess (Harry Styles) in gay romantic movie, My Policeman

Emma Corrin is playing the role of young Marion Taylor. Gina McKee is portraying the role of old Marion in the film.

Kadiff Kirwan plays the role of Nigel. Jack Bandeira portrays Leonard. And Dora Davis is playing the role of Sylvie in My Policeman.

Maddie Rice, Joseph Potter, Freya Mayor, Andrew Tiernann, Richard Dempsey and Ian Drysdale are the other cast members of My Policeman.

When is the Online Release Date of the Gay romantic movie starring Harry Styles?

My Policeman had its international premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on 11 September 2022. Its runtime is of 1 hour and 53 minutes. The movie starring Harry Styles, David Dawson and Emma Corrin’s triangle love story in the film is rated R.

Harry Styles starrer My Policeman initially released on theatres on 21 October 2022. The historical gay love story spanning over decades finally released today on Friday( November 4 2022).

The romantic movie directed by Michael Grandage is releasing online exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. So, if you have a Prime Video subscription, you could stream the movie online and if you do not have a subscription yet, you should get one soon to watch Harry Styles latest romantic movie.

Are you wondering where you could watch My Policeman online? Well the movie is not available on any streaming platform for free. However, Amazon Prime offers new users a 30 day trial video. So, you can sign up for free trail on Amazon Prime and watch My Policeman for free.

You can watch My Policeman on Prime Video here.

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Last Update: November 4, 2022