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About Stevonnie Character

Stevonnie is a fictional character that created by Rebecca Sugar for the animated series Steven Universe and Steven Universe Future. The fictional character Stevonnie is an androgynous young adult who is a “fusion” of the protagonist Steven Universe and his friend Connie Maheswaran. This character first appeared in the episode “Alone Together” and has only made sporadic appearances in the series since then. Steven Universe Future, and once in the short epilogue collection.

Steven and Connie’s real-life friendship. Stevonnie is a dynamic and specific metaphor that becomes relatable as it takes shape in the form of a unique character, according to Sugar. Stevonnie, in addition to questioning gender stereotypes, is a metaphor for “terrifying firsts in a first relationship,” adolescence, and objectification, as Sugar put it.

They/them pronouns are used to refer to Stevonnie, and both male and female characters seem to be sexually drawn to them. Stevonnie reveals an Instagram profile identifying them as non-binary and intersex in a 2019 Dove public service announcement about self-esteem and social media.


Stevonnie is taller than Amethyst and Pearl, but shorter than Garnet by a few inches. They have a slim figure with Steven’s chubby and gangly features, curly black hair that touches their thighs, and a tone that is slightly darker than Steven’s. They can also develop facial hair, as seen in “Jungle Moon,” a trait they inherited from Steven.

Steven and Connie’s “ages merge” as they shape Stevonnie, according to Rebecca Sugar and Ian Jones-Quartey, and Stevonnie will develop more facial hair than Steven due to being biologically older. Stevonnie is regarded as physically attractive by both male and female residents of Beach City, who tend to be awestruck by her presence.


Stevonnie, like all fusions, has superhuman strength and endurance. Despite being more human than Gem, Stevonnie is much more powerful than Steven on his own, thanks to Connie’s athleticism and Steven’s supernatural abilities.

Natural Abilities

  • Stevonnie is shown to be incredibly strong, knocking the much larger Jasper back a long way and driving her through the giant she was riding with enough force to poof the latter with a single slash.
  • Stevonnie is graceful and flexible, as shown by their running and dancing, all of which involve nimbleness and agility. As can be seen in “Bismuth Casual,” Stevie is also a fantastic skater. They may high-five Bismuth while jumping over her and almost reach the ceiling before falling in a break.


  • Stevonnie can summon Rose’s shield because she has Rose Quartz/gemstone. Steven’s They can survive a direct hit from Jasper’s crash helmet and absorb the possible knock-back thanks to their improved strength as a fusion.
  • The fictional character Stevonnie, as part of the pair, is shown to be a skilled wielder of Rose’s sword when combined with their shield for offensive and defensive combat.
  • Stevonnie inherited Connie’s ability to fight with a sword from her mother. Stevonnie is ambidextrous, like Connie, as seen in “Mindful Education.”

Unique abilities

  • Stevonnie, like Steven, has an empathic bond with other lifeforms and uses her visions to interact with Gems and humans.
  • The fictional character Stevonnie stays in the air long enough to throw their shield at Jasper and ready to use Rose’s sword when battling Jasper. During their fusion preparation, they are seen to gain greater control over this capacity in “Mindful Education.”
  • Stevonnie can slowly lower themselves by gradually pushing their legs forward and backward.

History of Stevonnie

Alone Together

Steven starts talking to Connie about his efforts to focus on his fusion dance with the Gems in “Alone Together.” Connie informs Steven that she admires him for being able to dance with the Gems at all, despite the fact that she dislikes dancing in front of others. And, this way the story will start you can watch this on Cartoon Network or on IMDb.

You can watch Alone Together on IMDb.

We Need to Talk

When Steven and Connie dance after Greg plays Nietzche’s Breakdown in “We Need to Talk,” Stevonnie appears briefly but does not speak. Greg is taken aback by their ability to fuse, and they exchange silent stares for a few seconds before infusing. And the story progress.

Beach City Drift

Kevin reappears in “Beach City Drift” and treats Greg with contempt before Steven defends him, still enraged about the previous incident from “Alone Together.” Kevin asks if he knows Steven because he doesn’t recognize him, and Connie comes over and excuses Steven by saying Kevin looks like another guy they meet. And the storyline develops.

Crack the Whip

Jasper returns with the Snow Monster in “Crack the Whip,” and while Amethyst fights her, Steven and Connie combat the Corrupted Gem. When Amethyst is eventually poofed by Jasper, they fuse into Stevonnie and kick Jasper, causing her to lose Amethyst’s gemstone. The plot continues to unfold.

Mindful Education

Connie appears to be bothered and frustrated at the beginning of “Mindful Education,” but before Steven can figure out what’s wrong, Pearl and Garnet warp in, eager to begin fusion training. The group travels to the Ancient Sky Arena to begin their preparation. And the plot progresses.

Lars of the Stars

On the Sun Incinerator’s bridge, Stevonnie forms a crowd and volunteers to pilot the Star Skipper so Lars can stay with his crew. The key resources on Emerald’s ship are destroyed, but the Skipper is hit by missiles, and they spiral toward a nearby moon. As time progresses, the storyline builds up.

Together Alone

In this story, Steven and Connie unintentionally fuse in front of Yellow and Blue Diamond at the ball. Following that, the other Crystal Gems combine into Garnet and Opal in order to protect Stevonnie from the Diamonds. Yellow Diamond, enraged by their behavior, kidnaps Garnet and Opal and imprisons Stevonnie in the Prison Tower. 


The story begins with stevonnie tries to break out of the room they’re stuck in by ramming a shield into the entrance. They then summon two shields but are knocked backward once more. Stevonnie then sees a window and looks out, noticing how high they are in the air. Stevonnie falls to the floor and defuses after losing their grasp on the window sill. And the storyline progress.

Bismuth Casual

Steven, who has been feeling alienated from Connie lately as a result of them spending less time together and him being unable to relate to her human friends, eventually tells her that he feels like they’re drifting apart.

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