Inventions which are always a driving force in any civilization makes the world a better place to live by changing the lives of millions of people. Every year humans innovate thousands of objects globally but only a few of them gets patented. We have brought to you some amazing and new inventions of 2019 which can blow up your mind altogether. Some of them can even change the way you think.

Solar roadways

One of the biggest invention and demand for 2019 is solar roadways. It is exactly what the name is. These are hexagonal solar panels designed for the roads and sidewalks or any walking surface placed under gorilla glass.

These are very good in winter as it generates heat to melt snow on the road. These roadways can show electronic marking on the road and are easily replaceable. All of this while saving the Earth.

Enomad Uno – Portable Water Power Generator

This is something which can convert the kinetic energy of moving water into micro electricity to light up a small led bulb and a USB port or charge Smartphone. It serves our minor power requirement. It is easily portable.

Padrone Ring – Smart Mouse Ever

The latest invention of 2019 is Padrone Ring, a smart mouse. Smart Mouse is a small finger ring type structure which serves the purpose of the mouse to our laptops. It connects to any device over Bluetooth and comes in 12 different varieties. It is not easily breakable and offers freedom to our clicking requirement. You can continue wearing it anywhere you go.

Bimoz – World’s lightest and smartest e-bike drive

The newest invention in the field of smart devices is “Bimoz”. Now the world is moving towards e-bike and e-cycles to make our environment pollution-free. But if you don’t want to give up on your old bike, you can convert it into an e-bike with Bimoz.

With the compatible app, you can note your GPS location, track routes, connect with friends, and even simulate mountains on flat roads to train your legs. So, whether it’s for exercise or for getting more power out of your bike, Bimoz is the ultimate solution for converting any bike into an e-bike.

HiMirror Mini

HiMirror is something like a smart mirror. It offers you 8 different types of analysis of your face. This includes looking for wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, roughness, complexion, etc. by dividing your face into different areas and analyzing each differently.

Based on this, the smart mirror offers advice to improve your skin by keeping it hydrated or using different types of lotions to fight problems like acne.

CleanseBot – World’s First Bacteria Killing Robot

Cleanness plays a key role in every person life and keeping this in mind a new invention of 2019 is “CleanseBot”. CleanseBot weight less than half a pound and can be a great companion for your trips, especially when you’re not sure about the cleanliness in a hotel, and its compact form and great utility make it one of the most amazing and awesome inventions we’ve witnessed.

It is a tiny cleaning robot which disinfects your bed from unwanted pathogens, especially bacteria. The robot cleaner is built-in with 18 AI-backed smart modes to automatically clean any bed and has four UV lights to not just sanitize your bedding but also the air.

KEY-X – Smart Keyboard for Disabled People

KEY-X is another cool idea and special keyboard designed for specially-abled people and instead of using individual keys has a cluster of letters around each button. The keys are soft to touch and can be enabled with a gentle nudge although they’re engineered to bear with rough usage.

It also supports a variety of other accessories such as a smart eye detector or a single click switch so that those suffering from much more severe ailments like motor neuron disease can also utilize the features of this great invention.

Geopress Purifier – Clean Water, Anywhere in the World

Geopress Purifier uses zeolites for ion exchange along with an activated carbon filter to remove disease-causing viruses, bacteria, protozoan, heavy metals, and other chemical impurities from almost any dirty stream of water, making it suitable for drinking.

With Geofilter, you can not only instantly filter dirty water and prevent diseases like Rotavirus and Hepatitis A but also store water for thirst on the go.

NATEDE – A Cool & Smart Natural Air Purifier

This is one of the coolest and most convincing and awesome inventions of 2019, especially if you live in an urban jungle which often has a thick layer of smog. NATEDE is the air purifier of the future which utilizes the goodness of sustainable technology and indoor plants to remove suspended particulate matter, microbes, pet dander, etc. from the air without using too much energy. It is compact and seamlessly blends with any furniture or setting; removes 99% of the bacteria and viruses from the air without using too much energy

US: E – Face Recognized Camera Equipped Smart Lock

One of the new inventions of 2019 is the US: E. It is a smart lock which offers six different methods of unlocking a door. Besides basic key and passcode access, US: E can be unlocked using fingerprint, a key fob, remotely using a smartphone, or even by scanning the owner’s face with the built-in infrared facial recognition technology which is powered by an AI.

Smart locks have been among the most awesome and smart inventions of that have revolutionized how we visualize door locking and the next big addition in this category is US: E.