Binge watching Netflix series is everyone’s favorite hobby and The Night Agent is one of the latest shows on Netflix that you should definitely watch right away!

The Night Agent– One of the top trending Netflix series you must watch right now!

We all love binge watching the latest and trending Netflix series, especially if it is a thriller one! The Night Agent is one of the top trending shows on Netflix recently and there is no reason why you should not try watching the spy thriller show.

The first episode of The Night Agent released on March 23, 2023 and the show has been receiving great response from viewers all across the world. The show has intrigued the fans to the level that everyone is already asking when will its second season. So, have you watched the trending spy thriller Netflix series already? If not, you should start binge watching it right away! Here is all you need to know about the cast, plot, episodes, and more about The Night Agent:

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What is the plot of The Night Agent?

The Night Agent has quickly become one of the most talked-about shows on Netflix. The plot of the Netflix series revolves around Peter Sutherland, an FBI agent who is assigned to monitor an emergency hotline. However, his routine night shift takes a dramatic turn when he receives a call that draws him into a dangerous conspiracy involving a mole at the White House. He soon becomes embroiled in a high-level conspiracy to uncover a mole in the government. He must hunt for the traitor alongside terrified former CEO, Rose Larkin while protecting her from those responsible for her family’s murder.

With a talented cast, gripping plot, and intense action scenes, The Night Agent is a must-watch for fans of the thriller genre. You should watch it right away!

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How many episodes are there in The Night Agent?

The Night Agent is one of the most popular shows on Netflix these days. So, if you are planning to watch it, you must be wondering how many episodes are there in the series.

There are a total of 10 episodes in The Night Agent, all of which have already been released. Each episode of the thriller drama Netflix series ranges between 45 minutes to about an hour long. So, start binge watching the thriller show right away!

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What is the storyline of the thriller Netflix series based on?

If you are an avid reader and a fan of spy thriller books then Matthew Quirk is a name you must have surely heard of. The trending Netflix thriller series, The Night Agent is based on a novel bearing the same name by the popular crime thriller author Matthew Quirk which was published in the year 2019. If you have already read the book, you should definitely try watching its Netflix adaptation that has been trending all over the world right away!

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Who is in the cast of The Night Agent?

Gabriel Basso is playing the role of Peter Sutherland in the Netflix series. Peter is an FBI agent who handles Night Action phone calls at the White House.

Luciane Buchanan is playing the role of Rose Larkin. Rose is a young cybersecurity business woman and the niece of two Night Action agents.

Fola Evans-Akingbola is playing the role of Chelsea Arrington. Chelsea is a driven U.S. Secret Service agent.

Sarah Desjardins is playing the role of Maddie Redfield. She is the vice president’s daughter.

Eve Harlow is playing the role of Ellen. Ellen is an arbitrary assassin.

Phoenix Raei is playing the role of Dale in the trending Netflix series. Dale is Ellen’s companion and a licensed hitman.

Enrique Murciano is playing the role of Ben Almora. Ben is the Secret Service’s director.

D. B. Woodside is playing the role of Erik Monks. Erik is an experienced US Secret Service agent who has just been assigned to Maddie.

Hong Chau is playing the role of Diane Farr. He serves as the White House staff head.

Other cast members of The Night Agent include Andre Anthony, Toby Levins, and Christopher Shyer among others.

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Will there be a season 2 of The Night Agent?

If you have already watched The Night Agent and can’t keep wondering if there will be a season 2 for the thriller series on Netflix then we have a good news for you! Netflix has officially announced the renewal of the season 2 of The Night Agent on March 29, just a few days after the release of its first season.

Looking at the great response the thriller drama Netflix series has been getting from viewers all across the world in such a short duration, the show has been renewed and its second season will be out next year. The second season of the show is also expected to have 10 episodes.

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