The best and “free to play” game of today’s generation is “Fortnite”. It is a top name in the list of most-played games that run on various devices such as PlayStation 4, Personal Computer, Laptops, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Its various interesting modes- cooperative, creative and competitive allow more than one player game.

But if you want to want to play this top-rated game with your friends, instead of strangers then follow the steps mentioned below.

Fortnite game with friends

When you start the game on a console, you quickly get the option to play Fortnite match with your friends who are using the same gaming console. It means, if you are playing a game on PlayStation 4, you can invite your PlayStation Network friends or if you are playing on Xbox One, you can easily invite your Xbox playing friends.

Fortnite games can also be played on cross-platform. For example, if you are playing on Xbox One and you want to invite your PC friend or Nintendo Switch, then you easily do that by adding them to Fortnite or Epic Game launcher PC app.

Steps to add friends on Fortnite platform

Step1: Open Fortnite and create a Save the world, Creative lobby or Battle Royale.

Step 2: Press the view button in Xbox One, friend’s icon (that looks like human silhouettes) in mobile or PC, -button in Nintendo Switch and touchpad button on PlayStation 4.

Step 3: PlayStation 4 players, tap Square, Mobile, and PC user tap Add Friends, Nintendo Switch user click on Press Y and Xbox 4 user tap X.

Step 4: Choose the option of “Enter Display Name and Email Address” and type your friend’s gaming name or their Email identity. PlayStation 4 players can use this field by tapping “X”, Xbox One player access this by pressing “A: and Nintendo Switch players tap “B”.

Step 5: After adding a friend’s details correctly, you get a message “Friend Request Sent”.

Step 6: If your friend approved your request, then it will start displaying in your friend’s list in the EPIC friends section.

How to add Fortnite Friend through the Epic Games Launcher

If you want to add your friend who is a user of Fortnite, without actually launching Fortnite, then you must use the Epic Games application on your PC. It is an amazing way to play a cross-platform game with your friends.

Steps involved in this process of adding a friend through the Epic Games Launcher

Step 1: Tap on Friends to add a friend

Step 2: Enter your friend’s name and email id

Step 3: Click on the send button

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Last Update: October 19, 2019