Social media has indeed become a powerful tool to share information, experiences, and interact with different kinds of people living in different parts of the world. We can easily see the influence of social media in today’s generation.

More than 80% of every generation uses social media at least once in a day. It becomes part of their routine. But sometimes virtual friends are more concerned and truthful than the people living around us.

Netflix presents all kinds of content that viewers like to watch. As Netflix’s target, most of the young generation added 8.8 million new subscribers. So what’s new on the list?

Netflix released the true story of 34-year-old Shannan Watts who lived in Frederick, Colorado, got missing with her two young daughters. The incident happened in 2018. The story of Watt’s family made national headlines flashed around the world wide.

American Murder: The Family Next Door is an American true crime documentary film, directed by Jenny Popplewell and executive produced by Academy Award Winner James Marsh, released on 30, September 2020.

What is the plot of the story?

The American Murder: The Family Next Door is a documentary film based on the incident that happened in 2018.

The mysterious disappearance of the Shannan Watts in Frederick, Colorado, after she returning home from a work trip. Shennan’s two young daughters Celeste and Bella were also found missing. Her friends tried to contact her through voice mails, messages but went unanswered. They were worried and concerned and informed the cop about her.

But her husband’s availability raised many questions about the incident. Watt’s disappearance flashed and made national headlines and people made many assumptions and theories about their sudden disappearance.

The sneak peek of the trailer revealed that her husband been in the police custody and accused him of her family sudden disappearance and faced many questions, “Did you cause Shennan’s disappearance”? After the polygraph test, he confessed the truth that he was behind their family tragic death and arrested on August 15, 2018, was sentenced to five life sentences.

Popplewell’s film put Watts’s story in front of people as more than a crime story. He emphasizes more on the life she used to live with their toddlers and friends rather than her gruesome murder. As it already is in the news headlines.

Shanann is a social media influencer and shares her life on social media. As the trailer shows a glimpse when she talked their virtual friends through social media and shares her life saying “I went through one of the darkest times of my life and then I met Chris and he’s the best thing that has ever happened to me”.

Popplewell does an amazing piece of work, to gives an insight view of her life and depth analysis from various sources and stress more about the journey than the truth itself.

Who features in American Murder: The Family Next Door?

There is no cast involved as the film is made documentary. It mainly consists of footage and video shots of Watt’s family.

The director portrays her life through her social media handles, social media updates and posts, her constant connection with their virtual friends through online, news footage and headlines, text messages with their husband and relatives, recording, the home video camera of her house, and many more.

She went through the darkest times of her life and her life changed when she met Christopher Lee Watts. According to her Chris is the best thing that happened to her and she got married in 2012. She was pregnant when she died.

What kind of life she is living and what happened in their happily married life that turned his husband to kill his wife and children?

Watch the film American Murder: The Family Next Door on Netflix.

Where to download and watch the documentary movie?

The American Murder: The Family Next Door is set to release on Netflix. Currently, Netflix has four plans in the country. These plans start from Rs 199 and go up to Rs 799. You can subscribe to Netflix and watch a movie and other streaming series.

Netflix also has a download option which means you can watch episodes of American Murder: The Family Next Door on the go via the Netflix app.

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