Netflix series became one of the top series ever worldwide, they are original, high rated on IMDb and of awesome plot to watch and follow.

Top Netflix series

Death Note

Adaptation of the Japanese manga and anime death note.

The series is about a high school boy suddenly founds a note in which whatever name is written on it will die suddenly.

A detective named L is trying to figure out who is behind these mysterious deaths.

Genre: Mystery, thrill, crime, and drama.

Rating on IMDb is 4.5/10

One punch man

The anime One-punch man is being hosted as one of Netflix series.

One-punch man manga series sold more than 10 million copies in Japan, it also got nominated for Eisner Award.

The Anime is about Saitama; a guy who is being extremely powerful that nothing can stand in his way.

despite his strength, he gets no respect.

Genre: Animation, Action and adventure.

Rating on IMDb is 8.9/10


Mysteries surround Riverdale and a guy and his gang became entangled in these mysteries.

Genre: Crime, drama and mystery.

Rating on IMDb is 7.3/10

The Protectors

A young man given a mystical powers by a talismanic keepsake has to go on a quest to fight the shadow forces and solve a kind of mystery.

Genre: Action, Fantasy and sci-fi

Rating on IMDb is 7.3/10

Shadow Hunters

After Clary’s mother disappears, she enter the dark world of demons and embrace her new role between the Shadow hunters.

The netflix series released 3 seasons and season 4 is going to be aired soon.

Genre: Drama, Action and Fantasy.

Rating on IMDb is 6.7/10

Marvel’s The Punisher

After witnessing the murder of his family, Marine veteran Frank Castle becomes the known “The Punisher” with one goal set in his mind: to avenge for his family.

The Netflix series released 2 season up untill now.

Genre: Crime, action, thrill and adventure.

Rating on IMDb is 8.6/10

The Umbrella Academy

After their adoptive father has dies, a disbanded group of superheroes reunites to save the world.

Genre: Super natural, action, fantasy and comedy

Rating on IMDb is 8.1/10


A Thriller Netflix Series new featuring the Specialist Protection of Metropolitan Police Service branch in London.

Genre: Crime, Drama and thriller

Rating on IMDb is 8.2/10


A three teens from the working-class enroll in Spain in an exclusive private school, unexpectedly a clash between the working-class students and the wealthy students leads to murder.

Genre: Drama, Crime, mystery and thriller

Rating on IMDb is 7.6/10


A young superheroes formed a team led by formerly Batman’s first Robin. they teamed together to combat evil.

This Netflix series is an adaptation from animation series “teen titans”

Genre:Action, Adventure, Drama and super natural.

Rating on IMDb is 8.0/10

Black Summer

Zombies are back, complete strangers team up together to find the strength in order to survive.

Genre: Horror, thriller, drama and adventure.

Rating on IMDb is 6.4/10


Lucifer decides that he had enough from hell and now he wants to spend some time on Earth to better understand humanity.

This Netflix series has 3 seasons released and season 4 is ongoing now on Netflix

Genre: super natural, action, drama and adventure

Rating on IMDb is 8.2/10


He is a blind lawyer by day, hero by night. Matt Murdock is fighting crimes as Daredevil in New York.

The Netflix series Daredevil season 3 is now being aired

Genre: Action, Crime and drama

Rating on IMDb is 8.7/10

The OA

She has gone missing for seven years, the blind Prairie returns home.

Now she is in her twenties with her sight restored. Many believe that Prairie is a miracle while others are worrying about that she could be dangerous.

Genre: Mystery, drama and fantasy.

Rating on IMDb is 7.8/10

How to Get Away with Murder 

This Netflix series is about a brilliant criminal defense professor and a group of his ambitious law students get involved in murder with a twisted plot.

Genre: Mystery, drama and crime

Rating on IMDb is 8.2/10

Black Mirror 

Modern technologies can backfire and be used against their makers.

Netflix Series “Black Mirror” each episode is set in different realities with different characters fighting different types of technologies.

Genre: Sci-fi, thriller and drama

Rating on IMDb is 8.9/10