Celebrities have it tough when it comes to parenthood; being busy and going from one show to another. They have a really a tough life where they have to keep running from one place to another, appearing in that program and attending that celebration. Simply their life is all about running all over the world.

This kind of life made most of these celebrities fail in parenthood.

I know that it’s not surprising at all because of their lifestyle, but what is really surprising is that one of these celebrities is Will Smith.

Will smith is one of the most famous comedian actors that we enjoy watching. Frankly I’m one of his biggest fans and I would go watch any movie that he is starring in it.

The actor really worked hard to build his huge career and in order to be in the place that he is in right now; he had to give up about some important issues that made him regret it later.

One of these issues is parenthood, as he didn’t have that much time to spend with his eldest son Troy.

The actor admitted that he failed when it came to spending time to build love for most of Trey’s life. Trey as a result felt betrayed after Will’s divorce from his mother Sheree Fletche as their relationship changed since they didn’t have that much time to spend together.

The good thing is that the actor is doing his best to make up for the lost time and he made that clear to him and to us.

During will smith’s latest show “The Smiths’” we noticed that Will smith is trying to build a strong father-son bond.

He is trying to rebuild his relationship with his eldest son Trey by spending a lot of time together and doing different activities.

The actor stated that although he wasn’t there for most of Trey’s childhood but he is going to dedicate the rest of his life to making up for it.

Will Smith is really a good role model to follow, although he may have not been there for Trey for sometime but he knows that very will and admitting his fault and now and is trying and doing his very best to be the father he should be to his son.

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Last Update: March 30, 2019