Running out of things to do during quarantine and wondering what to do next? Don’t worry you are in the right place. Here are a few things we have collated that can help to bring out the hidden talent in you and develop something new and exciting. Dive deep into it and choose which skill you would like to acquire during the lockdown.

We have also mentioned the apps or links to some of the most reputed sites to look at while searching for an online class to work upon these skills and learn.

1.Graphic designing 

If you are a graphics lover and want to learn it step by step from scratch to open doors for the creative designer in you don’t worry we have it all set for you. 

Apps and softwares like adobe photoshop or coral draw can be of great help to step by step learn, understand, develop and practise design, graphics or logos.

2. Baking

Mother and daughter baking a cake

Craving for something sweet, yummy, tasty, and instant but confused about the process and ordering from outside isn’t an option you can implement because of COVID-19. Worry not we have figured it out for you. You can learn this skill in just a click.

Below are the links to two YouTube channels that can help you with this instantly so don’t wait and get to it!

You can also have a look at Shivesh’s website apart from his YouTube channel for more tips, tricks, and knowledge.



Interested in stitching, sewing and want to learn all about it from the scratch sitting at home then apps like sewing classes or stash star fabric which helps you dive into the world of fabrics and organise them as well is a good way out.

This will not only help you acquire the skill you wanted to learn but can also open up so many career opportunities for you in the future ahead especially in the fashion field. 

4.Learn music 

People say learning music is one thing that can instantly make you feel joyous and soothe your soul. It has the power to energize you instantly and refresh you. So, in this time learning music is one thing you can look forward to if you have an interest in it.

 The best thing is that you can do all this sitting at home and can also make your family a part of it that is even better!

5. Gardening 

Learning Gardening step by step

Are you a nature lover and want to get insights into how to grow plants then apps like gardentags is the perfect go-to, to begin with it. Apart from growing plants it makes sure to cover all the touchpoints like plant identification, planting inspiration, growth advice, plant care instructions that will give you an in-depth understanding of it.

Try it out and maybe you explore the gardener in you!

6. Photography 


 Everyone loves clicking pictures of themselves, isn’t it? But what goes behind creating an epic picture with the perfect lighting, background, and composition to set it out and apart is something you need practice and have knowledge in.

Be the next photographer by digging your expertise into it with the first step being clicking the link to head start into the elements and fundamentals of photography.

7. Start a Blog

(writing, fashion, events, lifestyle, music anything)

Have an inclination towards writing but confused about how to start, where to start from, and which skills to build up to give it a head start?

There are a lot of apps which can help you start your journey in writing such as Grammarly or Hemingboard. Not only do these apps help in terms of writing but also help to boost vocabulary.

8. New language 

Another skillset which you can develop is learning a new language for which there are endless no of courses again on Skillshare, Udemy, Coursera

And trust me learning a new language be it Spanish, Chinese, Japanese or any other language can play such a big role in boosting your resume.

9. Art and Craft


Need some inspiration on art and craft to create something of your own or send something to your loved ones, friends, or family and you need ideas on how to start it.

We have it all sorted for you. Hit on the link below to learn from some of the best art classes and make your close ones feel special and loved.

There is also this one app named snap guide which is a multi-purpose and must try app to learn a variety of things ranging from crafts to recipes

 10. Learn a new Dance form 


Tired of sitting at home and trying all the gym online classes or home exercises so now you are looking for some change in life that is fun, exciting, and makes you groove?

Worry not we have a solution for that too. Acquiring this skill is as easy as it can be just click the links below to get it all started from jazz, hip-hop, breakdance to salsa, learn anything and everything just in a click.