Drugs, blackmailing, murder are become common names in the society, that we heard regularly in news channels and other places.

There are various web series and movies based on these concepts also available by our favorite OTT platform to watch and download. Mostly lead by man.

But the new web series “Aarya” is different from a regular one. It shows a woman who leads the show and played various roles- mother, wife, and businesswoman. She hooked the audience with her strong and amazing character. Along with her, various characters make this show interested and popular.

To know the storyline, characters, watch online and more about this new Indian crime drama, check details mentioned below.

Aarya Web Series Story

Based on Spanish Series Penoza by Pieter Bart Korthuis, Aarya series set in Jaipur, Rajasthan. 

Aarya (Sushmita Sen) is a family-oriented woman who lives happily with her husband Tej (Chandrachur Singh) and three children- Veer (Viren), Arundhati (Virti) and Aditya (Pratyaksh).

The story starts with Arya (Sushmita Sen) father Zorawar who does illegal business (drugs export) in Jaipur. He is involved in business for a long time but as his age increasing, he is unable to handle it. Then Aarya’s husband Tej along with Aarya brother Sangram (Ankur Bhatia) and friend Jawahar (Namit Das), starts handling the drugs based medicine business.

They do well in their business and happy in their personal life but a 300 crore rupees heroine deal changes everything. During the deal, Tej is shot by a mysterious person and the three heroine bags go missing. 

Aarya lives suddenly turn after this incident; undesirably she joins her father illegal business to find the truth and to save her family. Along with that, she has to find the missing heroin bags, due to which her family comes under problem.

What problems does Aarya face to find the truth? How she save her family from problems? How she become a don from a carefree mother? All these questions are answered when the nine episodes web series move further.

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Where and How to watch Aarya tv series?

The crime drama series “Aarya” premiered on June 19, 2020, on the best OTT platform Hotstar. The series available in Hostar special section, so if you have its subscription then start watching the series, right now.

Other users can subscribe to the channel by its easily affordable plan that costs Rs. 299 per month and Rs. 1499 per year.

Jio users can also watch the series by choosing its prepaid plan that offers free Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription.

Watch Here On Hotstar Special

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Aarya: Cast

Bollywood famous actress Sushmita Sen does his digital debut through the series. She is playing the titular role of Aarya Sareen in the show.

Another cast that joining her in the series is Chandrachur Singh as Tej Sareen, her husband,  Viren Vazirani as Veer Sareen, her son, Virti Vaghani as Arundhati or Aru Sareen, her daughter and Pratyaksh as Aditya or Adi Sareen, as her son.

Namit Das as Jawahar, Tej’s friend, Ankur Bhatia as Sangram, Aarya husband, and Tej illegal business partner, Jayant Kripalani as Zorwar, Aarya father and many other.

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