Every year Amazon brings something new for its fans and subscribers. It provides viewers a content that is interesting to watch or stream. This year also, it is coming back with various exciting and interesting television series and movies.

So don’t forget to harvest the best and tasty crop of popular movies and exciting original series of Amazon Prime this year that take you to the different world of reality.

#Amazon Prime video Best Movies list:

1: Fences (Movie):

Denzel Washington and Viola’s starring movie are based on Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play of the same name. The story shows a person struggling to hold his family together in 1950s Pittsburgh.

2: The Circle (Movie):

Emma Watson starring movie is based on the novel of the same name, written by Dave Eggers. It shows a company, the circle, that offers every good thing to its employees. It is joined by a tech worker who soon discovers that the company has a dark side and disturbing ambition too.

3: Downsizing (movie):

Downsizing is one of the popular movies that star Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig. The story show couple, who learn they can live like rich people— if they let themselves, be shrunk to 5 inches tall.

4: 21 (Movie):

21 is an interesting crime series that shows a group of college students who heads to Las Vegas to put their brains to work at the blackjack tables.

5: It’s a Wonderful Life (Movie):

Jimmy Stewart, star of quintessential Christmas movie, thinks that his life is meaningless. But soon an angel comes to his life to show them how wrong he is thinking.

6: Loving Pablo (Movies):

Loving Pablo shows the story of a Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar and journalist Virginia Vallejo, who after achieving name and fame, led to the downfall. It is based on Vallejo’s memoir.

7: Allied (Movie):

A Canadian officer (Brad Pitt) and a woman (Marion Cotillard), during World War II, paired for a dangerous mission. But the twist arises when a woman’s true intention is to uncover in front of an officer.

8: Anna and the Apocalypse (Movie):

Zombie based movie Anna and the Apocalypse shows the sleepy town of Little Haven at Christmas. It shows Anna and her friends who sing, slash and fight for their survival.

#Amazon prime video tv series list

1: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Web Series)

Amazon’s original story shows the story of a married woman who dreams to become a stand-up comedian. The story focuses on Amy Sherman-Palladino behind the series Gilmore Girls and Bunheads.

2: The Big Sick (Series)

Based on Kumail Nanjiani and his wife, real-life romance of comedy, this sweet and salty series is written by Emily V. Gordon.

3: The Gymkhana Files (TV Series)

The Gymkhana Files is based on internet sensation the driver who performs eye-stunning stunts. Original prime series show Ken Block and his team who put best efforts to prepare the greatest video of all time.

4: Patriot (TV series):

Amazon’s original series focuses on a spy who investigates the case as the undercover industrial pipe salesman. The dark comedy series star Michael Dorman.

5: Falling Water (Series):

Falling Water is an interesting science-fiction drama show three strangers who share the same dreams and inspirations. This mysterious series shows the intersection of dreams and reality.

6: The Man in the High Castle (TV Series):

The Man in the High Castle is a good historical television series that show a parallel Universe where the axis powers win World War II.  The series season 4 releasing on Amazon Prime on November 15, 2019.

7: Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (Web series):

Amazon’s original series “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” show the character of Jack Ryan. It is one of the best and interesting series of Amazon Prime.