Do you love playing board games? We have listed down some of the best online board games for you to play in 2023!

Monopoly- A must play online board games

Playing board games as a child is one of the best memories of everyone as a child. Board games are not only fun but they also carry a charm that is undefeated. And today, with the advancement of technology, you can easily play board games on the touch of your screen. There are hundreds of online board games available on the Play Store today that you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere and with anyone.

Do you miss playing board games too? If yes, here is a list of the top online board games you must play in 2023:

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Monopoly- One of the most popular online board games you must play right away!

It’s highly likely that you are already familiar with Monopoly. Monopoly is one of the most popular board games that sets players against each other in a cutthroat battle of capitalism.

MONOPOLY – Classic Board Game is one of the best adaptation of the original, where players move around the board, collecting cash, purchasing property, and attempting to bankrupt their opponents. This game on the list of the best online board games has introduced several convenient quality-of-life features. The game offers multiple rule options for newcomers and online play options to enjoy with friends or random players, while local multiplayer is still supported. With added options and convenience, MONOPOLY – Classic Board Game is on par with the original and you must play it right away!

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Catan Classic- One of the top online board games you must play now

Catan Classic is one of the best online board games for Android you must play in 2023! The mobile adaptation of the renowned strategy game, Catan Classic, has gameplay that remains faithful to the original.

You will be required to collect resources, engage in trade with others, and establish settlements on a hexagonal map in this online board game. As each settlement is built, a victory point is earned, and the first to reach ten points is declared the winner. This game retains the original’s competitive nature, compelling players to balance generosity with self-interest. With its touch interface, Catan Classic runs seamlessly and offers an excellent recreation of the popular board game.

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Ticket To Ride- One of the best board games to play in 2023

Ticket to Ride is one of the best online board games that takes its inspiration from the board game of the same name. You have to compete to claim train routes in this online strategy game .

To emerge victorious in Ticket to Ride, you have to secure the most routes on the map. As the gameplay involves examining a map, Ticket to Ride is best played on Android tablets with larger screens. The game allows for solo play, local multiplayer, and competitive online play across several downloadable content maps, each with distinctive mechanics. With every game offering a unique experience, Ticket to Ride is one of the most engaging online board games and a great alternative to the physical edition that you must play right now!

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Tokaido- A strategy adventure board game you must play!

Tokaido is another great game in the list of the best online board games you must try playing in 2023. It is a Japanese tabletop game that follows the journey of four characters, each possessing unique skills and abilities. The objective of the game is to travel down the road, stopping at various locations that offer helpful and restful amenities.

As a player of the game, you have to gather money during the travels and use it to purchase food, souvenirs, or victory points. At the end of the game, having the most food, souvenirs, hot spring visits, or encounters grants three additional victory points, and the player with the most points emerges as the winner.

Tokaido is a cozy game, boasting a soothing visual and auditory design that is sure to captivate players. It is one of the must play online board games for you!

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Carcassonne- One of the classic board games that you can play online now

Carcassonne is a classic tile-laying board game that you can now easily enjoy playing online on your Android device. The premise of this top online board game involves players taking turns placing tiles to create cities, roads, monasteries, and other features on the board. Players can then deploy their followers, known as meeples, to claim these features and score points.

You can play the online version of Carcassonne board game in online , multiplayer or even play it solo against AI opponents. Carcassonne is one of the best online board games and it is the perfect option for those who want to enjoy the game with friends or on their own. With its straightforward gameplay, engaging mechanics, and intuitive controls, Carcassonne is a must-play for online board games enthusiasts.

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Last Update: March 16, 2023