Netflix and anime are inseparable, especially with recent releases such as Bright: Samurai Soul. The film is an animated spin-off to Netflix’s original action film Bright, and it explores the world of its predecessor as a prequel. Bright was a Netflix smash — at least for audiences, who streamed it in record numbers at the time — four years ago, while critics slammed it. However, some of those critics may get a shiver up their spine just thinking about a Bright Cinematic Universe: A sequel is in the works, and the anime spinoff Bright: Samurai Soul is now available on Netflix.

One hopes that any other studio on the planet would have realized that “what if the Rampart scandal, but magic?” wasn’t a premise capable of supporting the next Star Wars. And yet, 11 million subscribers who tolerated something for at least the length of a movie trailer can’t be wrong. Furthermore, inspiring Netflix to leverage its multi-tentacled global content machine in a way that allows the streamer to squeeze water from a stone without tarnishing its brand or embarrassing Will Smith.

To paraphrase a certain Drill tweet, you almost have to give them credit for trying; “Bright: Samurai Soul” may be a deeply mediocre riff on a modern fantasy so bad that “movie magic” feels like a contradiction in terms, but it’s still a significant step up from its source material. As entertainment behemoths continue to stretch their pre-existing IP in every possible direction. Moreover, ubiquity and volume replace enthusiasm and quality as the most important metrics. Moreover, this 19th century-set adventure feels like a more telling indicator of where Netflix is headed next than “Bright” itself ever did.

Review Of Bright: Samurai Soul

Bright: Samurai Soul is a 2021 anime film spin-off of Bright directed by Kyhei Ishiguro and based on a script written by Michiko Yokote. Netflix released the film on October 12, 2021. Furthermore, the novelty is in the animation, which combines the hand-etched texture of traditional Japanese woodblock printing with the maximalist velocity of modern CGI. In maintaining with franchise tradition, the results of that interesting mash-up are close enough to see what Netflix was going for. However, fall so far short that you’ll wish you’d watched something else instead.

The big hook in “Samurai Soul” is that the Meiji Restoration — a period of modernization and industrial growth in Japanese history that began with the consolidation of imperial power in 1868. Moreover, it remains actually triggered by someone discovering a magic wand or something. It appears to be an amenable job for an expert swordsman ready to drink his life away. However, things heat up quickly at work when a tiny. Nevertheless, a seemingly pre-pubescent elf girl is sold into Izou’s care — though “care” may be too affectionate a word to describe how our hero-to-be throws Sonya into a cage as soon as he recognizes she isn’t human.

The gruff but endearing galoot is a common anime type, and “Samurai Soul” neither offers a new riff on that trope nor meaningfully uses it to explore the notions of prejudice. Furthermore, an otherness that is baked into the Bright Cinematic Universe, but Raiden is nice and simple. It’s not his fault when this movie begins hemorrhaging exposition around the midway point and bleeds out before our eyes. Therefore, as the action builds to a sea-bound climax, the story narrows its focus to an old grudge between Izou and a power-hungry human from his past. Furthermore, it’s a bond formes on eye-rolling coincidences, as “Samurai Soul” desperately tries to find its own soul.

Trailer of Bright: Samurai Soul

The release date, timing, and other facts of Movie

  • Release Date (Streaming): October 12, 2021
  • Genres: Adventure | Thriller | Comedy | Animation | Family | Action
  • Directed by: Kyōhei Ishiguro
  • Written by: Michiko Yokote
  • Screenplay by: Dan Hernandez, Benji Samit, Ben Queen, Susanna Fogel
  • Running time: 80 minutes
  • Original Language: English
  • Streaming: Netflix
  • IMDb Ratings: 5.5/10

The Main Cast

Here is the rundown of the main cast in the movie Bright: Samurai Soul, however, all are mentions is voice casts.

  • Yūki Nomura
  • Daisuke Hirakawa
  • Shion Wakayama
  • Miyavi
  • Maaya Sakamoto
  • Kenjiro Tsuda
  • Chafurin
  • Mamoru Miyano
  • Kenichi Suzumura

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You’ve probably heard about the movie my little pony for a long time. On the other hand, you have seen the trailer, read the rev”Samurai Soul” is an outlier in a recent string of impressive anime spinoffs that have successfully expanded upon beloved franchises; Therefore, Ishiguro, his crew, and the people who put them up to this have confronted a near-impossible task with integrity, and the fact of the matter is that you can’t blame them for trying.

Nonetheless, conjuring a compelling story from this sad grab bag of stale ingredients would require a true act of sorcery. In the meantime, Netflix would be wise to remember that you can’t pull a rabbit out of a hat if you don’t have one to begin with. So, the Addams Family 2 presents a wild, hyperactive cartoon universe in which the Addams feel unhappily stuck in place. Furthermore, the plot isn’t quite massages and shapes enough to make sense within the Addams universe, as Wednesday begins to fear she doesn’t belong with her family. Besides, it’s a strange and unnecessarily boisterous trip that sacrifices intellect in favor of Billboard acts and crazy set-pieces. As a result, please let me know in the comments section how much you enjoyed the review.