Dakan: Raakan ka Rahasya, the new Hotstar supernatural series is out now. This series is an absolute must watch if you are into solving mysteries and paranormal stuff!

What is Dahan: Raakan ka Rahasya about?

This Hotstar supernatural thriller series takes place in a village where superstitions and myths dominate. The village named Shilaspura is a holy land. Moreover, according to the locals and pandits the new mining project would revoke the curse and it would lead to human extinction!

However, actress Tisca Chopra who plays the role of IAS Officer Avani Rawat is going to go deep into this matter. Avani is here to see the betterment of the village and make sure that the the mining project starts. She is someone who believes in proofs and vows to gather them and discard the idea of curse. However, she is strangly opposed by Saurabh Shukla who plays Pramuh Swaroop. Whether Avani is able to prove or is there an actual curse on the town? We will get to know in Dahan: Raakan ka Rahasya!

Is the series worth a watch?

This Hotstar supernatural series is absolutely worth a watch and here’s why: Mainly the cast. The cast of the series new as well as old and experienced actors. Cast includes Tisca Chopra, Saurabh Shukla, Rajesh Tailang, Ankur Nayyar, Mukesh Tiwari and Rohan Joshi.

Tischa Chopra as Avani Rawat

Tisca Chopra is quite a versatiile actor and capable of delivering a variety of characters. This especially is amust watch because of the strong character. She has a convincing and confident personality. Moreover, we will also see her struggling with her own problems while dealing with the paranormal activities.

Saurabh Shukla

Saurabh Shukla is always pleasing fans with new and different roles. He is famous for his roles in Jolly LLB, PK, Barfi and many more. He has a different take on this character of his. This character is especially new and different for him as he himself does not believe in cults.

Dahaan comes with a different story altogether and my belief about the subject of the series personally is that I have not done a subject like that because I as a person don’t believe in occult. I do not believe that things just happen by some unknown forces. Yes, of course there are unknown forces in the world because we don’t know about all the forces in this universe, So things happen, but there is only the approach to it. For my personal approach towards anything which happens is a bit scientific approach that I would like to find how that actually happened because it happens in the nature, it happens in this universe, so even on earth or outside earth there are things happening which we don’t know about but what a blind believer does is that they do not want to search further, so they just put it on some idea, you know, like the idea of god, the idea of demon or something and at the end of the matter.”

Not a traditional supernatural series

If you are wondering that Dahan will also end up like one f those bhoot saaya movies and series…then you are wrong. The series is so much more. Saurabh Shukla in his interview says that the story unfold more including his chaarcrter in it. He says that rather than keeping an old outlook his charcter is quite open minded.

“I am playing a character who looks like a blind believer but it is also the ancient wisdom which he tries to crack so in a way, my character is also looks like a blind believer but as the story progresses we will see he is trying to decode the age old wisdom which is written.” Saurabh Shukla on his character.

Overall Dahan: Raakan ka Rahasya seems like a series with common story but with so much more potential. The story telling is quite marvelous and so is the direction. Here is the trailer for Dahan: Raakan ka Rahasya.

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