Have you watched the best Netflix series of 2019 “Sex education”? If not, then check out some best scenes of heart winning sex education Netflix series. The ultimate teen drama focuses on several social issues like sex, teenage pregnancy, bullying, racism and many more.

Director Ben Taylor filmed every scene of this top-rated television series with full comedy and Drama. He tries to cover important sex talks and high school situations sensitively with Netflix and other team members of the sex education series.

The series contains various scenes that bring a smile on your face while some lead you to the awkward and scary situations which you never expect.

Scene 1: When Otis offers free s** advice in a party

In the present world when people are still uncomfortable while taking sex, Otis tries to offer free sex advice in Classmate’s house party.

Scene 2: Eric and Otis dance in prom-shows

The most refreshing and loving scene of sex education series showing two male friends celebrate their friendship through an excellent dance performance.

Scene 3: Otis impassioned speech about unrequited love at the prom

In the dance party, when Liam threatens to jump off a ledge, Otis relaxes him and gives him a superb speech about unrequited love. The speech also leaves a long-lasting effect on Maeve.

Scene 4: Boners “Pool Scene”

The awkward and cute pool scene in which “Boner just touches Otis eyebrows when both of them are inside the pool” is the must-watch scene of the series.

Scene 5: “It’s My Vagina”

It is the most powerful and feminist scene of the series. When principal talking to students about the nude photo then all the students stand up one by one and claims that “It’s my Vagina” in the photo.

Scene 6: When Eric is beaten by two strangers for dressing up as Hedwig

This popular and interesting scene depicts the hatred and violence of people against color and LGBTQIA’s communities.

Scene 7: Abortion scene

Several teen shows are full of adult scenes but teenage abortion part is the most powerful moment of the series. 

Scene 8: When Jackson drunkenly confesses that he paid Otis for the tips to win Maeve

Jackson drunkenly confession broke the heart of Maeve. She angrily breaks her partnership and friendship with Otis.

Scene 9: Eric confession about his gay identity and Black queer in front of his father

It’s not easy for people to reveal their gay identity in front of other people or their family members but Eric proved it wrong he bravely accepts his identity in front of his father.

Scene 10: Awkward first time

This scene of Sex education represents the discomfort of people when they intimate for the first time with someone.

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