Here’s everything you need to know about Arnold Schwarzenegger return to the big screen in the trending Netflix series, FUBAR.

FUBAR- All you need to know about the cast, plot and more about the trending Netflix series starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is finally back with a brand new action comedy series and it has already topped the chart of the top trending Netflix series in no time! FUBAR is a newly released action comedy show that has been receiving good response from viewers all across the world.
Released on May 25, 2023, the trending show on Netflix show centers around a unique father and daughter duo who go on an undercover mission that will keep you highly entertained. Read on to find all about the plot, cast, and everything else about FUBAR:

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What is the plot of FUBAR?

FUBAR is a new name of the list of the top 10 trending shows on Netflix that has become talk of the town. So what is the trending show on Netflix all about?

The plot of FUBAR centres on a father-daughter who are tasked together to go on a crucial undercover mission. The story of the trending show on Netflix follows Luke (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) , a retired CIA agent who receives an unexpected last-minute mission to find and save a missing agent who is codenamed Panda. Luke has no idea that the missing agent in question, Panda whom he needs to rescue is actually his own daughter Emma( played by Monica Barbaro).

The father and daughter duo soon find out that they have kept their true professions hidden from one another over the years. And so when everything is revealed, it starts a series of things that cause uncertainty, that in turn helps build family bonds, and give their lives a new sense of normalcy.

Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, the trending Netflix show is the perfect blend of action and comedy making it a must watch for you right now!

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How many episodes of FUBAR are there?

There are a total of 8 episodes in Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s new action comedy show on Netflix. All the episodes of the trending Netflix series are already out which means you can binge watch the show without having to wait for new episodes to release. The duration of each episode of FUBAR ranges between 45 minutes to an hour long which means you can binge watch the entire show in no time. So wait no more and watch it now on Netflix!

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Who is in the cast of Netflix’s trending series, FUBAR?

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the role Luke Brunner in FUBAR. He is the main lead of the show and a CIA operative who is on his last mission.

Monica Barbaro plays the role of Emma Brunner. She is the daughter of Luke Brunner and a CIA operative.

Milan Carter plays the role of Barry. Barry is the technical operations officer of Luke Brunner’s CIA team.

Gabriel Luna plays the role of Boro Polonia. Boro is a dealer of powerful arms.

Fortune Feimster plays the role of Roo. Roo is a CIA operative and a part of Luke’s team in the trending Netflix series.

Travis Van Winkle plays the role of Aldon, a CIA operative in Luke’s team.

Fabiana Udenio plays the role of Tally Brunner. Tally is the Luke’s ex-wife and mother of Emma Burner.

Jay Baruchel plays the role of Carter. He is Emma’s boyfriend and a kindergarten teacher.

Barbara Eve Harris plays the role of Dot. Dot is a regional CIA director who tasks the father and daughter to work together as a team.

Aparna Brielle plays the role of Tina. She is a data analyst who was brought in to join Luke’s CIA team.

Andy Buckley plays the role of Donnie. Donnie is the boyfriend of Luke’s ex wife.

Other cast members of FUBAR include Stephanie Sy, Devon Bostick, and Tom Arnold among others.

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What does “FUBAR” really stand for in the trending Netflix series?

Since the release of FUBAR on Netflix few days ago, the show has soon topped its way on the list of top 10 trending list on Netflix. The trending Netflix series has become a talk of the internet and many have been wondering what does the title of the show actually means.
The term FUBAR is actually a very popular one that was widely used by the American soldiers back during the World War 2. The meaning of the term is basically ” F***ed Beyond All Repair”, or ” F***ed Beyond All Recognition”, or even, “Fouled Up Beyond All Repair.”

The pronunciation of the term is ‘ fu- bar’ and in its core it basically means to be utterly confused, damaged, disordered, or ruined.

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Will there be a season two of the trending Netflix series, FUBAR?

Currently there is no official news about the renewal of the second season of the trending Netflix series, FUBAR. However, looking at the amazing response it has received from viewers, we could hope that there are good chances of us seeing the CIA father- daughter duo back with some action and lot of humor again!

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