How to Download Instagram Videos for iOS and Android

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Instagram recently reminded everyone that it is no longer a photo-sharing app or a square photo-sharing platform. Furthermore, its parent company, Facebook, wants it to be the hub for sharing all sorts of videos, including TikTok-style Reels to YouTube-like lengthier films on IGTV. As the number of videos on Instagram increases, so does the desire to download them and watch them later.

After all, a solid internet connection isn’t always available. Why should you miss out on Instagram videos when hiking in the mountains or on your next lengthy flight? Fortunately, you can save Instagram videos to your computer and take them with you everywhere you go.

Before we show you how to accomplish it across all of your devices, it’s important to note that these methods occasionally fail. Instagram’s APIs update more frequently than those of most other services, which implies that the technique for downloading videos, images, or stories changes as well. The approaches we advised will work in most circumstances because the developers who created them update their apps or automation on a regular basis. However, any of these ways could stop operating at any time, even if just momentarily.

Ways to Download Instagram Videos

How to download Instagram videos on an Android device

Step 1: On your Android smartphone, download and install the “Video Downloader for Instagram” application from the Playstore.

Step 2: Next open your Instagram app and look for a video you’d like to download.

Step 3: On the right side of the video, near the top, tap on the three dots “…”

Step 4: Return to the Video Downloader for the Instagram app and select “Copy Link.”

Step 5: When you first start the app, paste the copied link into the blank field provided; the video will now be downloaded to your device.

Step 6: You may also repost the video by selecting “Repost” from the menu and then selecting “Feed” or “Stories” as desired.


How to download Instagram videos on iOS devices

Step 1: Install the free app “Video Downloader for Instagram” on your smartphone from the Appstore.

Step 2: Navigate to the Instagram video you desire to save.

Step 3: Tap the three dots “…” on the top right corner of the video to copy the URL.

Step 4: Copy the link and paste it into “Video Downloader for Instagram,” then click “Preview.” Your device will now receive the video.

Step 5: When you first start the app, paste the copied link into the blank field provided; the video will now be downloaded to your device.

Step 6: By selecting the “Repost” option at the bottom of the screen, you can repost the video on Instagram as a post or a narrative at your leisure.

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