It seems like a lot of people these days are facing this huge annoying problem which is “feeling lonely”.

Loneliness is not related to age and it can attack anyone.

This kind of mood is very easy to get into but kind of hard to get out of it.
Definitely it’s not impossible to get over it.

I’m not trying to tell you here that life is great and we should keep our smile not matter what.

Sometimes we just need to have our own space and have time by ourselves but you have to know when this time should be over.

If you don’t end that time that ghost that’s called “loneliness” will start hunting you.

Now let me give you some tips that you should keep in mind

  • you are the master of your seas
  • stop expecting actions from others
  • you are strong
  • Waiting can kill you slowly
  • crying is not the solution to your problems
    Don’t let anyone discourage you.
    You are special in your own way.
  • You are not alone and definitely you are not the only one feeling loneliness.
  • People are not mind readers so you need to share your thoughts with them … start talking !

If you got these points in your head then let’s get to the things that you should try doing to get over your loneliness

You may be facing a hard time if you are reading this right now but it’s okay we all have ups and downs.
If you want to let it all out and cry then go ahead …. cry at let all these negative feelings out.

Yeah I said that crying won’t solve your problem but i didn’t say it won’t make you feel better.

Now if you are feeling better let’s get to ideas that may help you get out of that damn loneliness mood.

Please yourself.

You read that right …. you need to please yourself with the things you love.
Prepare a night just for you.

Cook or order food, prepare your favourite movie (don’t pick a sad one please), set up the mood that you like and watch that movie.

Morning came huh….
Have a shower and wear something you like …. look pretty on your own eyes.

Now we said that you need to take actions, right ?!

So here is what I want you to do :

  • Go out and treat yourself to something you love
  • Walk around with your headphones and listen to something relaxing (don’t turn on the volume too high)
  • There is some songs i love to listen to when things get tough …. you sure may have a similar list.
  • Take selfies … take funny ones with masks even if you don’t like it a laugh on yourself.

Got pumped up and want to do more ?!

Then how about you try talking to a friend …. you haven’t talked to them for a long time now huh …

Then it’s time to try patching things up.
Be brave and try to invite them to hang out with you and have fun.

Have you noticed something ?!

All of these actions are done by you and no one else to get rid of your loneliness.

You are you the master of your seas.

You are strong even if you don’t see that.

It’s important that you are the one to realize that something is wrong about you and you need to take actions.

Feeling lonely can be depressive so don’t let yourself reach that point.

I hope these things help you to get rid of loneliness.

Having other ideas to help others, then share your thoughts with us.
If it wasn’t that helpful then text me and may be we can talk and try solving your problem.