April fool’s day is that kind of day where we all love to do pranks but not just us but also celebrities love to take part in that day and prank their fans.

Among these celebrities was the singer Justin Bieber who made the right damn prank on this day and surprising his fans.

Justin Bieber's April Fool's prank.

This singer shared an ultrasound picture on his instagram with no caption and left his fans to conclude what is going on!

His fans really freaked out about this news as they thought and we all really did thought that he and Hailey Baldwin will be expecting their first baby.

However Hailey clarified that they are not having a baby by commenting on his post “Very funny…..”

Justin didn’t give up about his prank after Hailey’s comment and shared another pictures showing Hailey with doctors and they are doing examination and this time he wrote a caption “If you thought that this was pranks april fools day”.

Instagram Post of Justin Bieber april fools.

Justin Bieber's April fool prank.

One of his fans quickly searched the internet using the picture of the ultrasound that was shared by Justine and found out that the singer took it from Wikipedia and this was not a real picture.

    But still the fans weren’t able to settle down about whether this news was true or not.

    Justin Bieber's April Fools prank.

    In the end the singer finally put his prank into an end by sharing another ultrasound photo with a puppy picture on it with a caption added “Wait omg is that … April fools”.

    These posts stated that Justin is ready to be a father and he wishes to have his own baby from Hailey in the future.

    A close source from the singer said that Justin in preparing himself for fatherhood. Justin’s acts are showing that he has changed.

    He’s growing so much; he’s going from being a boy to being a man. What he really wants to be is a man of integrity, a great husband and a fantastic dad. He’s working as hard as he can and is making great progress.

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    Last Update: April 2, 2019