The social media is on fire after the release of Ariana Grande and Victoria Monet new song!

We have been anticipated to hear Arian’s Grande new song since her last post about releasing a single soon.

But sure we all couldn’t guess what is this song is about and I don’t think that anyone would have really guessed.

Ariana wasn’t kidding when she said she is going to drop one hell of a song as she really did; the Singer didn’t take part in April Fools’ Day as she seriously dropped her new single “Monopoly”.

The singer surprised her fans with her new single song “Monopoly” as the lyrics is expressing another side of Ariana Grande.

For the song it has a cool melodic tune and we enjoyed listening to it, but that doesn’t mean that we weren’t shocked about the lyrics.

So if you still haven’t listened to her new single then go grab your headphones and put it on and listen to it NOW.

The fans had their own doubts about her sexuality since her last song “Thank you, next” and kept on questioning her sexuality.

“Monopoly” her new released single is another song which definitely confirms what the fans have doubted.

We and the fans are left without answer about the sexuality of Ariana Grande after listening to her new song.

The lyrics of the song include this part where Ariana sings “I like women and men”.

It’s kind of hard to think of another meaning to this sentence as it’s very direct so it can’t hold another meaning to it.

Now after Ariana’s explosive lyrics they are asking her to confirm if she is bisexual or not.

To further fuel the rumors, in the music video, both Victoria and Ariana sing that line while standing outside a men’s bathroom but they throw up a “W” and “O” to make the word “woman.”

    We know that Victoria Monet came out since November and confirmed being bisexual.

    So does singing this Kind of lyrics with Victoria whom is already known to be bisexual confirms that Ariana Grande is also a Bisexual?!

    Some of the fans don’t like the thought of her being bisexual, others doesn’t really care about it and some are happy as they think of her as a new icons but still all of them want to know the answer.

    Even if the lyrics are being straight forward we still want the artist to confirm this rumor by herself.

    Right now Ariana is enjoying this kind of attention that her new song caused we are left with no answers about her own sexuality.

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    Last Update: April 2, 2019