Films or series based on romance, drama, mystery are always a good entertainer. But movies based on real-life events have that undeniable strong sense of power and meaning to them. Based on real-life events adds so much depth and volume to them. In my opinion that is really fascinating and leaves an impact on you.

One such movie which is a must watch is MISSION MANGAL.


The story is based on the lives of a group of scientists who work tirelessly and restlessly to create the world’s greatest history – The Launch of India’s First satellite to Mars.

GENRE – Drama/Sci-fi

DURATION– 2h 10m



Google Users– 93% liked this film

IMDb– 6.5/10


Akshay Kumar

Vidya Balan

Taapsee Pannu

Nithya Menen

Kirti Kulhari

Sonakshi Sinha

Sharma Joshi

H.G. Dattatreya

Dalip Tahil

Vikram Gokhale


The famous Mission around which the entire movie revolves around the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) was launched in 2013. This mission is also called Mangalyaan.

It was India’s biggest and most breath-taking victory as we were the first country to successfully reach Martian orbit that to in the first try!

The movie was released on August 15, 2019, in honor of the 50 th anniversary of the Indian Space Research Organisation.

The reel women in the movie made sure to do a fantastic job in terms of putting out the real-life struggles and achievements of the real woman.

Some Scenes from the movie

What sets the film apart?

The movie shows a mix of everything from the seriousness to relentless hardwork, to some cute emotional moments as well as the struggles. Hence the movie is a beautiful blend of everything.

One of the salient characteristics of the film being it throws light on what life is like for the scientists in ISRO.

Along with that it also shows how a woman has to juggle her role being a mother, wife as well as a scientist! In some scenes, the multiple roles of a woman are seen conflicting with each other which makes it so much realistic.

5 women are shown in completely diverse ways making sure that every woman appears realistic and has a story with which the audience can relate or connect to.

The movie did leave a lasting impact nevertheless like every movie has critics so did this movie!

One of the turning points for people was the silly one-liners and comedy scenes which turned out to be a bit cliche. Some also felt that to meet the expectations of making the movie entertaining enough it ended up being dramatic.