Did you love the school for good and evil by Soman Chainani? It is time to watch its movie adaptation now!

Sophie and Agatha in The School for good and evil

What could possibly be more satisfying for a book fan than to watch their favorite characters come to life on screen? If you are an avid book reader, you must have come across the book- The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani. 

The School for Good and Evil is a fantasy fairytale book series. Soman Chainani is the writer of the fantasy book series.It has six books in the series and was first released in the year 2013. The School for Good and Evil sold more than 2 million copies in about 29 worldwide languages.

The fantasy book series was a huge hit. Fans from all around the world were excitedly waiting for its movie adaptation and its movie adaptation has finally been released on Netflix yesterday, i.e, on 19 October 2022. The run time of the movie is 2 hours and 27 minutes and it has been a constant topic of discussion for fans all over the internet.

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Excited to know more about the school for good and evil? Continue reading to learn all about its cast, storyline, and many more.

The Cast of The School for Good and Evil

A good storyline is a must for successful movie.Do you know what else is needed for a good movie? The secret ingredient to the sucess of any movie is its cast and the cast of the school for good and evil is full of amazing talents. So what does it say about the fantasy film?

The Cast of The School for Good and Evil

One of the most terrifying thoughts for any book fan is their favourite character not being represented properly in the story’s film adaptation. It is a shame if the cast chosen to play your favourite characters do no justice to their characters. If you are a diehard fan of the fantasy series of books by Soman Chainani, here is the cast of The School for Good and Evil portraying your favourites-

Sofia Wylie is one of the two main leads of the movie. She is playing the role of Agatha. Agatha is a young woman with the makings of a real witch thanks to her peculiar mother and dark aesthetic.

Sophie is a golden-haired seamstress who aspirations of escaping her dull life and becoming a princess. Sophia Anne Caruso potrays the role of Sophie in the movie directed by Paul Feig.

Lady Lesso is the glitzy and sarcastic leader of the School for Evil. Charlize Theron is playing Lesso’s role. Kerry Washington is acting as the leader of the school for good. The leader of the school for Good, Professor Clarissa Dovey is benevolent and cheerful.

Rafal is a sinister and perilous character in the school for good. Kit Young plays Rafal’s role. He is the main villain of the fantasy fairytale movie. Rafal suddenly appears and poses a threat to the school and the wider world because of his enigmatic connections to Sophie.

Laurence Fishburne is playing the role of the school master who oversees both schools. In addition to them, the film also stars Jamie Flatters as Tedros, Holly Sturton as Beatrix, Emma Lau as Kiko, Briony Scarlett as Reena, and many others.

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The Plot of The School for Good and Evil

You must have come across many stories where two best friends end up opposing each. The fantasy movie, The School for Good and Evil also follows a similar style. The Netflix adaptation of Soman Chainani’s fairytale fantasy book tells the story of two girls Sophie and Agatha.

Sophie and Agatha are best friends. However, they share a fate where they stand opposite each other. 

Sophie, a golden-haired dressmaker dreams of becoming a princess. On the other hand, Agatha, with her gloomy look and strange mother has all those traits that scream that her fate is to become a witch. 

Agatha’s and Sophie’s journey to the School for Good and Evil, marks the beginning of the fairytale where they are forcefully sent one night beneath a blood-red moon.

Agatha and Sophie’s fate changes completely when Agatha goes to the School of Good. Sophie is sent to the School of Evil . A movie is incomplete without a villain and so is a fairytale.

Want to know how the two girls fight their way out when an evil power puts the school in danger? Watch the  Netflix movie to see how their story ends. You can watch the school for good and evil here-https://www.netflix.com/in/title/80218885?source=35

Will there be a sequel to the fantasy movie The School for Good and Evil?

The School for Good and Evil, a fantasy film directed by Paul Feig. Iti s adapted from the book series written by Indian-origin writer Soman Chainani. The fairytale fantasy series has a total of 6 books. So,the viewers have been speculating about the release of a sequel to the recently released movies. 

The second season of the film, The School of Good and Evil, has yet to be announced by Netflix. However, fans are already anticipating it because of the final line of the film. The final line of the movie says that it has become evident that the end was merely their beginning. So, we can guess the fans can be hopeful of the sequel.

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