House of Dragon has been creating a buzz among fans all over the world. 

If you loved the Game of Thrones, you must be well aware that its prequel,  House of Dragon. The prequel to the infamous drama series Games of Thrones started airing on 21 August and has since captivated viewers from all around the world. The drama series is said to have a total of 10 episodes in the first season and its second season is already in talks to be made soon. If you still have not watched House of Dragon, this blog will guide you through everything that you need to know about the popular drama series.

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The Storyline of House of Dragon

House of Dragon, a highly anticipated drama series has kept viewers hooked. But what exactly is it all about?

The prequel series to Games of Thrones is a story based on George R.R. Martin’s book, Fire & Blood. This book is the first volume of George R.R’s two volumes that delves into the long Targaryen history. 

According to HBO, the story of House of Dragon takes place hundreds of years before the events of Game of Thrones. This is one of the reasons why the fans of Game of Thrones had highly anticipated the drama and the prequel series managed to live up to the expectations of the fans.

Hundreds of years before the events of Game of Thrones took place, six of Westeros’ seven kingdoms were unified by Aegon the Conqueror, the first of three centuries of Targaryen kings. 

The House of Dragon series is likely to be centered on the first Targaryen civil war, which is often known as “The Dance of the Dragons,” especially considering what we know about the characters. More than a century after Aegon’s leadership, it was during this “dance” that dragons became extinct until Daenerys gave birth to three children 150 years later.

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House of Dragon Trailer

A Sneak-peek into the first episode of the famous prequel drama series, House of Dragon

The first episode of the prequel series to Game of Thrones aired on 21 August on HBO. The first episode was successful in stirring up the interest of fans and viewers from around the world. Here is how the first episode of the series that has been trending all over the internet went like-

Old King Jaehaerys I Targaryen calls a Great Council to select a successor after the deaths of his two sons. The Westerosi lords choose Jaehaerys’ firstborn grandchild, Prince Viserys, above his eldest granddaughter, Princess Rhaenys. Nine years into his reign, King Viserys decides to hold a tournament in honour of Queen Aemma Arryn’s pregnancy since he is certain she is carrying his long-awaited male heir. The Triarchy, an alliance of Essos’ Free Cities, has the potential to severely disrupt Westerosi maritime lines, but the Small Council chooses to ignore this threat, according to Master of Ships Lord Corlys Velaryon. Prince Daemon, Viserys’s brother and successor is criticized by Ser Otto Hightower, the Hand of the King, for his cruelty as the head of the City Watch.

Ser Criston Cole, a knight of humble birth, defeats Daemon in the competition, while Aemma passes away during childbirth. Baelon, her infant son, passes away shortly after. Until Ser Otto discloses that Daemon mockingly referred to Baelon as “The Successor for a Day,” Viserys rejects the council’s requests to name a new heir. Aegon the Conqueror’s dream, which gave him the idea to unite Westeros, is revealed to Princess Rhaenyra by Viserys, who then exiles Daemon from King’s Landing and names her as the successor to the Iron Throne.

This was all about the first episode of the famous series House of Dragon. HBO Max has made the first episode free to watch and you can find it on YouTube. 

Nine out of the ten episodes of the prequel series have already aired. If you are yet to watch the prequel series, it is high time you start watching it before everyone gives you spoilers about it.

Where to watch the House of Dragon?

The House of Dragon is an HBO show. You can easily watch all nine aired episodes of the popular prequel series on HBO Max if you have a subscription to it. 

Apart from HBO Max, you can also watch it on other streaming platforms. If you are from the UK, Germany, Italy, or New Zealand you can stream the trending show on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV. Foxtel, Crave, OCS, and Binge are a few other streaming channels from different parts of the world that will be streaming the prequel series by HBO. 

You can also watch House of Dragon on streaming platforms like Disney plus Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and Netflix.

If you are a new Hulu user, you can take the advantage of the seven-day risk-free trial offered by Hulu to watch House of the Dragon online for no cost! You can do the same with Disney plus Hotstar which offers a free trial to watch the prequel series for free.

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