September 2023 is filled with awesome content. Collection of top-rated movies, TV Series, and seasons of popular series released on various online streaming platforms to watch and download.

Started with Wheel of the Time season 2, this month came up with Sex Education Season 4, Han River Police, Nun II, The Vaccine War, Encounters, Song of the Bandits, and others.

The Worst of Evil is another top series that was added to the list of the New 2023 September series.

Created by Han Dong-Wook and Park Geum-Bum, the series has various action sequences that you never watched before.

The thrilling experience, intriguing plot, and brilliant cast. Everything best the series offers in its 12 episodes.

To know about the plot, cast, and watch details, check the blog below.

The Worst of Evil: Plot

The story of the new 2023 September series focuses on a married couple Park Joon-Mo and his wife Yu Eui-Jong.

Joon is a police officer who is investigating a drug trading case that leads to China, South Korea, and Japan. During his investigation, he infiltrates a criminal organization.

On the other hand, Yu, Joon’s wife is also a police officer. She also involved in the drug case in which his husband is working.

Both of them voluntarily became a part of a dangerous mission whose motive was to stop a drug trafficking organization.

How do the husband and wife together catch the people involved in drug trading? What challenges do they face in their mission? All you know when you watch the series.

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Where to watch and download The Worst of Evil?

The popular K-drama released on September 27, 2023, on your favorite streaming channel Disney+ Hotstar to watch and download.

Subscription holders start streaming the series now and others can purchase it’s subscription at a nominal price.

Its monthly premium plan costs ₹299 per month, its yearly premium plan costs ₹1499 per year and it’s super plan costs ₹899 per year.

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The Worst of Evil: Cast

Each member involved in the new 2023 September series gives a captivating performance that makes the series worth watching.

Ji Chang-Wook as Park Joon-mo, a police officer who is investigating a drug case.

Im Se- mi as Yoo Eui- Jung, Park Joon’s wife and a police officer involved in the same drug case in which her husband working.

Jung Gi- cheul as Wi Ha-Joon, a handsome man and boss of a newly formed crime organization.

Bibi, Im Seong- Jae, Woo Kang- min, and Lim Seongjae are other important cast of the 12-episode series.

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