The most recent TV show episodes are usually available on P2P sites much faster than on media streaming platforms these days. However, before you go downloading TV episodes from torrent sites, make sure you don’t rush — you’ll want to make sure you download the torrent files safely. Don’t worry; we’ve compiled a list of the greatest torrent sites for TV shows in 2021 to assist you!

So, what characteristics distinguish a decent torrent service for TV show downloads? Obviously, it must have the most recent episodes as well as complete seasons. The content must then be delivered on schedule, preferably as soon as it airs. Finally, keep in mind that you’ll need a secure and well-known P2P site if you want to avoid phony torrents, viruses, and privacy-invading activities. Let’s see what we have to offer in terms of recommendations.

Concerning about being caught torrenting?

There are many challenges in the torrenting business. Torrent websites are frequently restricted in your region, and obtaining a cease-and-desist letter from your Internet service provider is always a risk. If you’re found torrenting, your Internet service provider may disconnect your account. As a result, for the reasons listed below, we strongly advise you to use a VPN to stay safe while torrenting.

  • Your Internet provider will not be able to track your online behavior if you use a VPN. This means you won’t get a cease-and-desist letter or face any other legal repercussions of downloading torrents.

  • A VPN will allow you to use the full potential of your Internet connection. It’s no mystery that ISPs throttle users based on the type of online behavior they detect. Because VPNs encrypt your Internet traffic, you’ll be able to improve the speed and reliability of your Web connection.

  • A VPN is a complete solution! There’s no need to waste hours attempting to set up torrent clients or devise a way to keep your torrenting secure. The safest and most effective technique to protect your torrenting is to use a VPN.

  • Any website, including torrent repositories, maybe unblocked using a VPN. This is particularly critical in nations where torrent sites are constantly taken down. You can use a VPN to connect to a server in another location and unblock content that was previously blocked.

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Best 8 Torrent Sites for TV Show in 2021

Find the next series and begin binge-watching it immediately. When you don’t have access to the next season of your favorite show, it’s natural to seek out the most cost-effective means of obtaining it. At times like this, TV series torrenting sites become really important. We offer the correct answers for you if you are unclear about which series of torrenting sites to seek for. For your weekend binge-watching session, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 TV torrent sites. Now is the time to acquire your series.


1337x is one of the top torrent sites for TV shows, with an emphasis on popular TV episodes and movies. This website has a special section called “Television” where you may search for TV shows. By selecting the Television category, you will be sent to a list of the most popular TV shows downloaded from the site in the previous 24 hours. However, there are some adverts on the website that may be irritating.



This TV series torrenting site is a torrent search engine that gathers information from a variety of other torrent search engines and presents you with a massive torrent database. Torrents of movies are the most common, but the site also has torrents of apps, games, music, and TV shows. This website has movies and TV series from all of the most popular genres.

The Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay, or TPB, is a well-known acronym. It’s referred regarded as an ocean of torrents, and it doesn’t disappoint fans of TV shows. You can still use TPB proxies to access the website even if it isn’t available in your location. The Pirate Bay, like 1337x, includes a section dedicated to TV episodes on the website’s front page, just below the search option.

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You might believe TorrentDownloads is just another generic P2P repository if you don’t look closely enough. Despite its relatively conventional interface, though, this is one of the top torrent sites for TV series and other forms of entertainment. When you choose ‘TV Shows’ from the main menu, you’ll see why.

You’ll see a huge number of TV show titles even before you reach this website’s repository. This organization makes it simple to locate complete seasons as well as individual TV show episodes. You can also look at the most popular torrents, newly posted files, and use the usual search tool. We’re confident that TorrentDownloads will suit your needs, with over 6 million TV show torrent files.


When it comes to the greatest torrent sites, Rarbg is a must-visit. It is one of the first torrent sites, with a big number of torrents available to users. This website has torrents from a variety of genres. If you haven’t decided what to watch yet, there’s a section dedicated to TV fans that also recommend torrents. With its well-organized website and minimal advertising, Rarbg provides an exceptional user experience.



Since 2009, LimeTorrents has been available online. It’s unusual for a torrent archive to be online for more than a decade, so LimeTorrents already has a lot going for it. Furthermore, this website has undergone various adjustments in recent years, allowing it to reach a wider range of consumers around the world.

You’ll be able to choose a content category as soon as you access LimeTorrents’ main page. Movies, music, games, applications, anime, and more are available in addition to TV programming. Then you may manually search for files, check for new or popular torrents, and filter the website’s library in a variety of ways. LimeTorrents is one of the top torrent sites for TV shows in 2021 because it has millions of P2P files.

Kickass Torrent

If simplicity of use is important to you, Kickass torrent’s basic interface will pique your curiosity. Kickass torrent is one of the oldest torrent sites, hosting hundreds of torrent files from a variety of genres. You can narrow down your results by searching within the TV show category. It’s possible that KAT (Kickass Torrent) isn’t available in your area. In such instances, you can always access the website through Kickass proxy sites.

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EZTV is noted for its large range of HD or 1080p TV programming and it is also the best Torrent Sites for TV Shows. It may not have as large a collection as The Pirate Bay or 1337x, but that’s what happens when you focus on one type of content. It offers a handy “live countdown” list for new releases, as well as a big library of TV shows, with more old shows than new.

We should also mention that EZTV features a useful calendar that allows you to keep track of new and upcoming programs. Apart from that, you can use its RSS feed to download things automatically. Finally, because of its enormous user base, EZTV makes it simple to identify “healthy” files that download swiftly.

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