Is tiktok shutting down in 2020 rumer or real

The biggest question that every fan of the TikTok is asking is “Is the app shutting down in 2020?”

Best video-sharing service TikTok has gained huge popularity and love in the last few years. It provides a platform for people to present their creativity in a short video of 15 seconds. Excelling all popular apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube and Instagram, the Chinese company ByteDance app has become the most downloaded in the US.

But a recent rumor about TikTok is shutting down is spreading like fire in the market. Like October 26, 2018 rumor of shutting down TikTok this year also same rumor is spreading all around. At that time TikTok US twitter account published a pair of tweets debunking these rumors.

The company clarifies the rumor by saying “Hi. No, we’re not shutting down.” But this time no official statement is passed by the company so everyone in a dilemma that is it true news or fake.

Tiktok shutting down

Although we all aware of the fact that TikTok is achieving success at a rapid rate. It becomes the biggest platform that every company is joining to increase their social reach like WWE last month. But sudden news related to its shutdown increases several queries among its users. After all, there ain’t any smoke without fire.

US Army restricts the use of TikTok on government phones

Late last month, important news came into the limelight that the US Army has restricted the use of TikTok on government phones.

As per the investigation and report of Lt. Col. Robin Ochoa, the app is considered a cyber threat and does not allow on government phones. The army officers are initially advised not to use TikTok but later on, it is banned completely. At the same time, using the app on a personal phone should not be a problem for army people.

Coincidentally, the news of the App ban by the US Army has spread like TikTok shutting down. But as far as we see no official confirmation is received yet.

So, until the company doesn’t announce any closure news, be happy and enjoy making a video on your favorite video-sharing social networking service owned by Beijing-based company ByteDance.

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