When misunderstandings or disagreements arise in a relationship or marriage, some people most especially women have a tendency of quarrelling, insulting and shouting to their partners. They take that to be talking and they never give their partners a chance to explain themselves. They want to be the only ones heard.

Such kind of behaviours will never lead to a solution but instead worsen the situation.

If your want your relationship to thrive, you need to learn to mind the tone of your voice and words you speak out in times of misunderstandings.

I know of a good couple that had four beautiful kids that divorced simply because a woman  unintendedly spoke harsh words to the man when they had got a misunderstanding. She told him “how he was not man enough and he’ll never satisfy her in bed.” That simple line got stuck in his head. With time she apologized to him but her apology seemed not enough for him to forget it though he forgave her.

Every time they were going to make love it could keep replaying back in his mind. He felt like he didn’t deserve her and she didn’t love him. With time his actions started changing. He could accuse her for cheating since she had told him he can’t satisfy her. The end result they divorced for good. Hope you see how harsh words are so dangerous.

So, you need to learn to bite back harsh words, be a good listener, be respectful no matter how angry you are and learn to manage your anger, because it may lead you into speaking or doing bad things you might regret your entire life.



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Last Update: March 30, 2019