What is Google Docs?

Google Docs a free, web-based software office suite is offered by Google within the Google Drive service. It is a very useful word processor including Google sheets, Google slides, a presentation program as well as a spreadsheet. It is widely used by people from different professions be it a businessman or a student or any other profession person.

What is the purpose of Google Docs?

The purpose of it is as below-

1. The key function or purpose of Google Docs is that it lets you create as well as format documents. Not only this while doing so you can work with other people too.

2. It helps to collaborate with other people while editing and storing data in real-time.

3. It also helps to store any type of files be it a picture, a word document, or even an audio file.

What are the Uses/features of Google Docs?

The uses of it are as below-

1. Create and Edit Documents

It allows you to edit and create documents easily. You can create any document be it admission forms, tables, newsletters , cost price charts, etc. Not only this it can also be used to write books, articles, essays, or an article draft.

2. Track the progress

One of the interesting features which is very useful too is the ability to track changes. While anyone makes any change in the document you can track that change and vice-versa. This can be used while you want to track the progress of an assignment or a file, etc.

3. Work Simultaneously

While working on Google docs you can work with your teammate simultaneously which makes the work so much easier. For example, you are working on an assignment and need the help of your friend to finish it. All you have to do is invite your friend to join and then she or he can add their input or help you out.

This means you can collaborate, connect, and work with anyone sitting anywhere by inviting them or asking them to join via email id.

4. AutoSave

This feature is extremely useful as it saves the changes automatically. So Incase, you forget to save something you won’t have to be traumatized. This feature also plays a key role in situations like when you suddenly face an electricity cut. While you type or edit the content keeps on getting saved so you will be tension-free. This also makes it more favorable to use and eliminates the risk of losing any important data. Not only are the changes automatically saved but the file will also be stored to google drive. So you have full security of your data.

5. All device accessibility

The file you create is accessible on any device. You can create a document on your laptop while you are at home. In case you are traveling in a bus you can access the same document in your mobile device. And while you are at the office you can access it on your office laptop. This makes it not only widely easy to use and accessible but also super flexible.

So without any unnecessary delaying of transfers to your email or pen drive, you can access it worrisome anywhere on any device!

6. Chatting

Google docs also lets you chat with your teammate or anyone else who joins the document. This is useful when you want to express or share your input or feedback on some line or para.

7. Easy Sharing

Sharing the documents is very easy and fuss-free on Google Docs. You don’t need to attach it to the mail or print or courier the file. All you have to do is share your file with anyone you wish to by using their email id and that’s all.

8. Free Usage

Google docs allows you to store all your documents by default and for free with the limit of 15 GB. In case you wish to extend you can switch to the premium plan.

So here are the purposes and uses or features that make Google Docs so accessible, easily usable, and appropriate for anyone!

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Last Update: August 12, 2020