Hidden Love is one of the top trending C-drama that will captivate you with its cute romance tale. Here’s where to watch Hidden Love for free right away!

hidden love, where to watch hidden love
where to watch hidden love online for free right now?

Chinese shows have been gaining recognition from viewers all over the world recently. While C-dramas come in different genres, cute romance shows are one of the most loved ones that will melt your heart with all the sweetness. May it be innocent first love tales, childhood besties to sweethearts, or enemies to lovers trope, Chinese romance dramas make viewers all over the world swoon over it. One such romance drama that has kept all the romance fans talking these days is Hidden Love!

Created by Li Qing Rong, the talented director behind famous C-dramas like Go Go Squid, The Pursuit of Happiness, and Mr. Bad, Hidden Love is a teen romance series that every hopeless romantic just can’t missing! Wondering where to watch Hidden Love? Read on to uncover all about the plot, cast and also where to watch Hidden Love online for free now!

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What is the plot of Hidden Love?

Hidden Love is one of the top trending Chinese dramas recently that has flooded the internet with fans swooning over its sweet story. So, what exactly is the plot of the heart warming teen romance series?

Set in the modern day, Hidden Love is adapted from a web novel by Zhu Yi called Secretly, Secretly; But Unable to Hide It. The plot of this c-drama centers around the love story between Sang Zhi ( played by Zhao Lusi), and Duan Jia Xu ( played by Chen Zhe Yuan). At the age of 14, Sang Zhi falls in love at first sight with her brother’s best friend, Duan Jia Xu who is five years older then her. Jia Xu often visits her home to play games with her brother and as the two keep meeting, they soon form a close bond. Jia Xu treats Sang Zhi like a sister while she secretly has a crush on him.

Years later, their relationship finally sees a change when Sang Zhi starts attending college far away from her family in Jia Xu’s hometown. Portraying the beautiful love story of the two, filled with innocence and some of the best heart warming moments, Hidden Love is one of the top Chinese drama releases of 2023 so far that will make you laugh out loud, cry, and make your heart feel full of love! If you are a diehard romance series fan, then you just can’t miss watching this gem!

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How many episodes are there in Hidden Love?

First released on June 20, 2023, there are a total of 25 episodes in Hidden Love. The last episode of the teen romance drama series was released on July 15, 2023 . So, you can binge watch all the episodes of the sweet romance series in one go. The duration of each episode of the show ranges between 40 minutes to 45 minutes. Tempted to watch the show right away? Read on to find where to watch Hidden Love right now!

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Who is in the cast of the trending Chinese teen romance series?

With an endearing cast of amazing actors, Hidden Love is one of the top must watch Chinese dramas of the year so far. Here’s all you need to know about the cast of the popular teen romance series:

Zhao Lusi, the beautiful actress known for her roles in Who Rules The World, The Long Ballad, and Dating In The Kitchen, plays the role of Sang Zhi in the show. Sang Zhi is a lovely young girl who loves drawing and bickering with her brother.

Chen Zhe Yuan, the charming actor known for his role in Mr. Bad, Our Secret and Handsome Siblings, plays the role of Duan Jia Xu in Hidden Love. Jia Xu is a game designer who has worked hard all his life due to family problems.

Victor Ma, the talented actor, singer-songwriter plays the role of Sang Zhi’s loving and over protective brother, Sang Yan who loves bickering with his sister.

Other cast members of Hidden Love include Zeng Li ( Sang Zhi’s mother), Qiu Xinzhi ( Sang Zhi’s father), Wei Xiao, Wang Yang, Guan Jizing, and Xu Shixin among others.

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Where to watch Hidden Love for free now?

Wondering where to watch Hidden Love online for free right now? We’ve got you! Popular for its amazing visuals, enchanting OST and a storyline that will give you butterflies, this trending teen c-drama is available to stream online in a number of streaming sites. If you have a Netflix subscription, you can binge watch all the episodes the Zhao Lusi starrer romance drama series with subtitles right away!

Watch it now on Netflix

Apart from that, you can also binge watch some of the episodes of the show for free on Youku along with English subtitles. You could download the Youku app to stream the teen romance drama or even watch it online on the website’s channel on YouTube. Watch it here.

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