Love watching kdrama? From “Bloodhounds”, to “Celebrity”, here are the top 5 Korean drama releasing this June that you should watch now!

Kdrama: King the land- One of the top new Korean drama releasing this June you must watch now

Is binge watching Kdrama your favorite pass time? If yes, the month of June is a good one for you. From sweet rom coms to action thrillers, several amazing Korean shows are releasing this month that you will surely enjoy watching. Read on to find the top 5 new Korean drama releases of June 2023 that you should add to your watch list right away!

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Bloodhounds is one of the top new Korean drama releasing this June that you must watch right now. Releasing on June 9, this action kdrama on Netflix stars the dashing actor Woo Do Hwan ( The Eternal Monarch) and Lee Sang Yi ( Youth of May). Inspired by a popular webtoon of the same name, the plot of this action-thriller centers around a captivating duo of skilled boxers who unexpectedly join forces with a shrewd money lender. United by a common goal, they embark on a perilous mission to dismantle an insidious underworld empire. However, the thrilling plot takes a treacherous twist as they find themselves entangled in a web of deception and duplicity. With amazing action sequences and a great storyline, Bloodhounds promises an enthralling and immersive viewing experience making it a must watch Kdrama release of the month!

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King The Land

Another must watch kdrama release of June 2023, is the sweet rom com, King The Land starring Lee Jun Ho ( 2PM member) and Im Yoon Ah (member of Girls Generation). The plot of this show centers around Goo Won, a privileged heir to The King Group, that owns luxurious lounges and hotels and Cheon So Rang, whose life is on the other side of the spectrum. With a bright personality, Cheon Sa-rang grapples with financial challenges and she works in one of the hotels owned by the King Group. When destiny intertwines their paths, an extraordinary love story unfolds, weaving together the divergent worlds of wealth and struggle. King the Land is a captivating tale of contrasts and one of the top new Korean drama that will captivate your heart.

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See You In My 19th Life

See You In My 19th Life is another new Kdrama releasing this June that you should add to your watchlist right away! The plot of this show centers around, Ban Ji-eum, a girl who can recall every past life she has lived. Tragically, her 18th existence ended in sorrow and now, in her 19th life, she resolves to reconnect with individuals from her previous incarnations, including Moon Seo-ha, her beloved companion. However, Seo-ha, hailing from a prosperous lineage, has abandoned the notion of love due to a traumatic experience. Nevertheless, Ji-eum, is resolute in her quest to capture his heart, embarking on a unique journey of affection and determination. Starring Shin Hye Sun ( Mr Queen ) and Bo Hyun Ahn ( My Name), See You In My 19th Life is one of the top new Korean drama releases you must watch now.

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Revenant is another must watch new Korean drama releases of the month that will take you on a mysterious horror journey, The plot of this upcoming supernatural action thriller follows the story of Ku San Young ( played by Kim Tae Ri of Twenty Five Twenty One) and Yeom Hae Sang( played by Oh Jung Se of Little Women) . San Young is a hardworking individual who finds herself inhabited by a malevolent demon on the other hand Yeom Hae Sang possesses the rare ability to perceive ghosts and spirits and works as a respected university professor. Their lives become entangled when Hae Sang encounters the very same demon responsible for his mother’s tragic demise within San Young. Bound together by their shared quest, they set out on a chilling and enigmatic adventure to banish the demon. With the perfect blend of suspense, mystery, and horror, Revenant is a Kdrama you should watch right away! Releasing on June 23, you can watch Revenant on Disney+.

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Celebrity is one of the top new Kdrama releases of June 2023 that you must consider watching. Starring Park Gu Young ( Dali and Cocky Prince) as Seo A Ri, this show series provides a revealing portrayal of the lives of social media influencers. The plot of this new Korean drama on Netflix centers around A Ri, a normal girl who finds herself thrust into a world of glamour and fame after suddenly becoming a sensation on social media. Initially delighted with her newfound success and the ability to pursue her dreams, A Ri’s joy soon turns to concern as she becomes aware of the hidden drawbacks of stardom. Shedding light on the lives of influencers, Celebrity is a thriller kdrama that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

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