With 9 captivating seasons, Suits is one of the top legal drama shows you must watch! Read on to find where to watch suits for free right away!

Where to watch Suits for free and more about the popular legal drama series

Suits is one of the most popular legal drama series of all time that stood the test of time for over 8 years and with 9 long seasons, it still stands to be talked about by the law series fans. Directed and written by Aaron Korsh, the first season of Suits released on June, 2011. After long and constant support and enthusiasm from viewers all over the world, the legal show finally ended its final season in 2019, leaving fans wishing for more. Are you a die hard legal drama fan looking for something good to watch? Or, are you a hardcore fan of Suits looking forward to revisit your favourite show once again? Either ways, read on to learn all about where to watch Suits for free right now and more about the globally hit legal drama series.

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What is the plot of Suits?

With the perfect blend of intellect and intrigue, legal drama series are one of the best genres we all love watching. And Suits, one of the most popular and captivating legal series of the recent decade is certainly one of those shows you will surely enjoy watching. Captivating viewers all over the world with its compelling storytelling and dynamic characters, Suits is a must watch legal series set in a high-stakes law firm in New York City.

This popular legal show follows the story of a brilliant college dropout Mike Ross and the charismatic lawyer Harvey Specter, and their intertwining lives. Portraying the journey of Mike as navigates the legal world with his photographic memory and Harvey’s mentorship, Suits delves into the complexities of law, loyalty, and morality, while also showcasing the intricacies of interpersonal relationships. With its sharp dialogue and intricate plot twists, Suits is one of the best legal drama series of all time and it continues to leave a lasting impression on viewers even years after it release! Tempted to watch the show? Read on to find where to watch Suits!

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How many seasons are there in Suits?

First released in the year 2011, the popular legal series Suits has a total of 9 seasons. After a long and successful running of over 8 years, the 9th and final season of the popular American series ended in 2019. With 134 episodes spanning across the nine seasons of the legal drama show, the running time of each episode of the series ranges between 40 minutes to 48 minutes. If you are a fan of legal shows, then Suits is one of the most fun and engaging shows that will keep you captivated till the end!

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Who is in the cast of the popular legal drama series?

Gabriel Macht plays the role of Harvey Specter. Harvey is a charismatic and top-tier lawyer working at Pearson Hardman’s law office.

Patrick Adams plays the role of Mike Ross, a brilliant college dropout who has photographic memory, who poses as a lawyer working with Specter. He is brilliant but also fraudulent.

Meghan Markle plays the role of Rachel Zane, a paralegal who dreams of becoming an attorney. She is also the love interest of Mike Ross.

Sarah Rafferty plays the role of Donna Paulsen, Harvey’s witty and perceptive secretary.

Rick Hoffman plays the role of Louis Litt, an eccentric but skilled lawyer.

Gina Torres plays the role of Jessica Pearson, a managing partner, who oversees the firm.

Dule Hill plays the role of Alex Williams, a seasoned attorney with a past connection to Harvey Specter. Other cast member of Suits include Amanda Schull, Katherine Heigl, among others.

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Where to watch Suits for free right now?

Wondering where you can watch all the episodes of Suits for free right now? We’ve got you! You can find the Gabriel Macht starrer legal drama in a number of online streaming sites such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, among others. If you already have a subscription for any one of the above platforms then you can easily stream the show with no hassle. Currently, all the 9 seasons of Suits are available for streaming on both Netflix and Amazon Prime. Watch it on Netflix

However, if you do not have a subscription for either of the platforms, you can still enjoy watching the legal show for free! Amazon Prime Video offers a 30-day free trial for all its new users. You can sign up for the free trial and binge watch all the episodes of the popular legal drama series for free! Watch it on Prime Video

Still not sure where to watch Suits for free right now? We’ve got another good news for you! All the nine seasons of the legal drama show is also available on Peacock TV. However, you may require VPN to access all the episodes of the show for free! Watch it now on Peacock Tv

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