Instagram is one of the best social media platforms where we can share photos, videos, stories, and various other things. It’s simple to capture a photo and post on the Instagram account, but it always difficult to make it public-loving.

Simple posting does not give that bump to your photos that you can get by adding an amazing and eye-catching caption. A good caption always forces the audience to see, what special photo or video, you have posted.

So, add your beautiful photos or memories with some awesome captions, instead of just posting it with an emoji or meaningless text. Check some good ideas and Instagram captions mentioned below.

Instagram Captions for Friends

Friends are like family members whom you share all your happiness, sorrows, and secrets too. So, why not add some good captions for our best friends or friend’s gang.

  • You are like family to me, we both together made a small home.
  • A friend is not only a word; it contains all emotions in it.
  • Nothing is best in this whole world than Friendship.
  • Friends are the one who cares for us but never shows that.
  • A good friend is like a family member, who inspires to achieve good things in life, solve problems, and fight for us.
  • The bond of friendship is over anything, it is incomparable.
  • Life becomes beautiful and enjoyable when a loyal friend adds in it.
  • True friendship is the one, when one understands other’s problems, without uttering a word.
  • A friend is the one who hears all your unwanted conversations carefully and even gives suggestions in it.
  • We make friends in every stage of life but the best is the only one who makes us comfortable.

Instagram Captions for girls

As per the common observations, girls take more photos than boys and even post on their social media account too. So, here are some good captions for them.

  • Smile is the best thing that any girl can carry.
  • A girl is a priceless gift that few people get in their life.
  • Girls are always the princess of their father.
  • A Strong woman is not less than a man.
  • A girl can achieve the peak of success with her brave wings.
  • Many times I take selfies in the mirror and think I am so beautiful.
  • A girl can break many hearts with her awesome smiles and hugs.
  • Woman’s eyes contain various mysteries in it.
  • Girls are queen without a crown.
  • Never underestimate a girl, they are born perfect.

Funny Instagram Caption

If an Instagram Caption brings a smile on anyone’s face, then nothing is better than this in the world. So, check out some funny captions for your post.

  • Many times I thought of enjoying the sunrise, but I remain slept. Postponed. Again.
  • Today is one of those good days when I think about cleaning my room.
  • I never care what people think about me. Mosquitoes find me lovable.
  • If there is a competition for being lazy, I would send my friend to participate in it.
  • Parents say, do something good in life. I just order a pizza and watch a movie.
  • The only thing that beats my sleep is, surfing the net.
  • Today I am craving of eating pizza. Please sister cook for me.
  • Laziness is not just a noun, it is a way to save energy.
  • Late night parties, wake-up late, eating junk food are some of my new goals of life.
  • I know I rarely think well…but sometimes the ideas I get are awesome.

Inspirational Instagram Caption

Many a time, we reach a position in life where we need the inspiration to deal with the situation. Check out the inspirational caption related to that.

  • Inspiration is the process that relaxes our mind and soul.
  • Don’t utter a word for the things that you don’t understand.
  • Hope is like a boat that saves us from high tidy waves in water.
  • Difficult and hard work makes us stronger and powerful personality.
  • Meditation and Yoga are the keys that inspire our soul and keep us healthy.

Food Instagram Caption

During the lockdown, we all are making delicious and tasty food at home. So, some mouth-watering quotes related to that.

  • When I hear the word exercise, my hearts beat to eat fries.
  • Mother’s cooked food is an unbeatable thing in the whole world.
  • Be a coconut: Soft from inside and hard from outside.
  • Extra cheese in pizza is like a free roller-coaster ride in the amusement park.
  • When life offers difficult situations, order lots of chocolates, which relax your mood and situation

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