Nowadays, almost every age group person loves to spend time on mobile phones rather than talking to each other.

If anyone’s train is late or flight is delayed or if they are traveling in a cab, people watch videos, movies, and TV series on their mobile phones.

But as we all know, watching videos and other things does not prove much-worthy. They entertain our minds but do not increase our mental abilities or sharpen our memory.

Mind games are the best way to spend time on mobile phones instead of streaming useless videos.

They not only enhance your mental skills but also help you to learn something new.

So, if you also love to play free games online then this blog is for you. It contains a list of the best fun-loving mind games that sharpen your mental abilities.

Math operation games

Math operation games are one of the best mind games to learn maths. You and your children can learn from basic mathematics operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to level calculation tricks.

Vedic mathematics, abacus, and various other mathematics-related things can be learned through these interesting math operation games.

Some of the best and top-rated mathematics operation games that you love to play and enjoy are mentioned below.

  • Mathematics for children
  • Calculates: Math games for kids
  • EzMath: Basic Math games
  • Speed up math four operation
  • Know Abacus
  • Winner world abacus
  • Master abacus
  • Number over 10
  • Actionable addition

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Crossword puzzle games

Crossword puzzle games are the best category of mind games that sharpen your mental skills and abilities.

This fun-loving exercise improves your vocabulary, visual attention, and sustained attention and helps to learn new words.

The best of these games is, that you can play them on your easily-to-use mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, by simply installing them.

Some of the best crossword puzzles available free to play are mentioned below.

  • Crossword puzzle Redstone
  • World Craze- Trivia Crossword
  • Word Crossy- A Crossword game
  • Fill-in Crosswords
  • Words of wonders: Crossword

Word game

The fun-loving mind game “Word Game” enhances your visual scanning, verbal intelligence, vocabulary, and conceptualization.

Through word games, you can learn new and different words, synonyms, antonyms, and various other things.

The list of the top-rated best word games is available below.

  • Word Collect- World Games Fun
  • Word search games in English
  • Pictoword: Fun brain word game
  • Bible word puzzle- word games
  • Scrabble Go- Classic Word Game
  • Spelling Quiz- Word Trivia
  • Synonyms and Antonyms


Sudoku is one of the popular mind games that not only improves brain power but also checks your concentration and visual attention skills.

This 9*9 grid fill game contains 1 to 9 digits which the player has to fill in each row and column.

The game has various versions, initially, you can start with a simple one and go up to high, as you clear the levels one by one.

The best free Sudoku playing app available in the Play Store is mentioned below.

  • Sudoku- Classic brain puzzle
  • Block Sudoku woody puzzle game
  • Wood Block 99- Sudoku Puzzle
  • Friendly Sudoku- Puzzle Game
  • Microsoft Sudoku

Logic puzzle games

In every competitive exam, various types of logical questions are asked and logic puzzle games are the best way to learn them.

These best fun-loving mind games train your brain and improve your reasoning, decision-making, and processing skills.

To know about the list of the top-rated logic puzzle games, check the list below.

  • Logic Puzzles- Brain Riddles
  • Brain Training- Logic Puzzles
  • Logic Master 1 Mind Twist
  • Slasol: Logic Puzzle Game
  • Metal Box! Hard Logic Puzzle
  • Garam: Logic Puzzles
  • Mr. Knight: Logic Puzzle Game

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