The weekend is coming and now it’s time to watch the new murder-mystery series “A Nearly Normal Family”.

The gripping drama focused on a near-perfect family whose life gets changed when one of them is arrested on a murder charge.

The series is a complete combination of suspense and unpredictability. Its storyline and intense exploration of guilt, sacrifice, and family love grip its audience and force them to watch the series to the end.

To know more about the storyline of the series, its cast, and watch details, check the blog below.

A Nearly Normal Family: Brief Introduction

Based on the best-selling psychological thriller novel by M.T. Edvardssons, the series as its name implies focuses on a nearly perfect Sandella family consisting of a priest named Adam, a lawyer named Ulrika, and their daughter 19-year-old girl Stella.

They live in a polished residential suburb outside of Lund happily. But a single day turns their life upside down.

Adam’s daughter Stella accused of 30-year-old Christoffer’s death (whose mother is a professor) and remanded to custody.

Like every parent, Stella’s parents do not believe that their daughter has done something wrong. Therefore, they tried all possible ways to save their daughter.

As the case proceeds, various mysteries released one by one. Adam told the police that her daughter was at home at the murder time.

However, it is a false statement because on the murder night, Stella reaches home at around 2:00 AM and Adam knows about it.

Stella already knows Christoffer and they both have a relationship. A witness also confirms that on the murder night, Stella comes to meet Christ.

Amina, the best friend of Stella also called for interrogation and other things because she knows Stella and Christ.

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What happens at the end of the series?

The new 2023 series storyline is somehow the same as the novel but its ending is a little bit tricky.

The creators of the series give a visual and emotional ending to the series.

As the case proceeds, various secrets of the Sandella family revealed, and their familial bonds are tested to the limits. Each of them tried their best to save each other.

Do the three of them know each other? Do Adam and Ulrika know their daughter? Who is the murderer of Christoffer’s death? What is the role of the Amina in Christ’s death?

Several other questions, are answered when you watch the 6 episodes of the series one by one.

Where to watch and download the new series?

All episodes of the new twisted drama will be released on Friday, November 24, 2023, on your favorite streaming channel Netflix.

So, if you have its subscription then start streaming the series now. If not, purchase its subscription at easy affordable prices.

Its standard plan with ads costs $6.99 per month and without ads costs $15.49 per month and the premium plan costs $19.99 per month.

A Nearly Normal Family: Cast

Directed by Per Hanefjord, the crime series 2023 has various top-performance actors and actresses.

Christian Fandango Sundgren played the role of Christoffer ‘Chris Olsen’, a 30-year-old man whose murdered body was found in the garden.

Bjorn Bengtsson as Adam Sandell, a priest by profession and father of Stella.

Lo Kauppi as Ulrika Sandell, a lawyer and mother of Stella.

Alexandra Karlsson Tyrefors as Stella Sandell, a young 19-year-old girl who arrested in the murder case of Chris Olsen.

Melisa Ferhatovic as Amina Besic, Stella’s best friend who also likes Chris Olsen.

Haken, Cedomir, Vera, Rasmus, Sara Chaanhing, Pablo Levia, Robert Bengtsson, and others, are also part of the thriller series.

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