Bored of playing the same old games and in search of something new that is fun yet competitive? Don’t worry we have it all sorted for you.

Here is a list of the 10 Best Online Competitive Games you can play that will not only excite you but also make sure that you have a lot of fun.

  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Valorant
  • Overwatch
  • Rocket League
  • League of Legends
  • Hearthstone
  • Apex Legends
  • Fortnite Battle Royale

1.Rainbow Six Siege

Competitive game Six Seige

Released– 2015

Developer – Ubisoft Montreal

Seige is an online video shooter game that is tactical and requires you to be very attentive. It makes sure that you have real-life experience as it includes operators based on real-life events. It also has actual tactical units like 707th smb or the GIGN which make it even more fascinating. The game is pretty promising and makes sure that you are glued to it for hours at a stretch!

2. Valorant

Competitive game Valorant

Released – 2020

Developer – Riot

Valorant is one game that was recently introduced by has gained a lot of popularity. The game is played in a series of quick rounds. The core is based around one team attempting to plan a bomb and the other team trying to defuse or stop it. Valorant is all about using your mind, intel, coordinating and communicating. Its a mechanically challenging and highly competitive game!

3. Overwatch

Competitive game Overwatch

Released – 2015

Developer – Blizzard

Overwatch is a colorful as well as vibrant team-based shooter set online game. It is set on near-future earth and being multiplayer makes it way more fun. In the game teams of six have to take the roles of DPS, tank, and healer. This is required to battle over the objectives along with getting the most kills. The game has a cast of 27 heroes providing you options to choose from as well as see which character fits your style.

4. Rocket League

Competitive game Rocket League

Released – 2015

Developer – Psyonix

Mostly the online games are shooter based but what sets Rocket League is that it is a vehicular soccer game. How cool is that isn’t it? It’s all about the speed. Imagine you smashing a soccer ball into the goal with your car instead of the leg! The cars can rotate, flip, flop, and even fly the way you want. The game has a lot of tricks and moves to use but it takes to understand the game properly. The jumping and flipping or you could call the dancing of the vehicles in the field look fun but gets competitive and challenging too.

5. League of Legends


Released – 2009

Developer – Riot Games

League of Legends is a competitive multiplayer battle video game that requires you to be instant, have coordination, be attentive, and have the knowledge of all the phases start to end. The characters and maps keep you excited as it’s always an adventure. Playing the game with your friends can not only be a good time pass but a really good entertainer too.

6. Hearthstone


Released – 2014

Developer – Blizzard

Hearthstone is an interesting online digital card game. The game is best suitable for card lovers. If you are someone who is a seasoned card game player or someone willing to learn there is a place for everyone. The entire game builds upon the Warcraft series by using the same set of characters, relics as well as elements.

7. Apex Legends

Competitive apex legends

Released –2019

Developer – Respawn

Apex Legends is a first-person shooter battle royal game. If you are someone who loves shooter games then you should try this game. The movements and the gun in the game are super fun along with the map being equally exciting. You can slide down the hills, run around and be in action all the time.

8. Fortnite Battle Royale


Released – 2017

Developer – Epic

Another famous game after Valorant or PUBg is Fortnite. The impromptu skyscrapers or the shoutouts from the green pastures etc make the game rewarding. All you have to do in the game is to survive, fight against each other, and make sure to be the last one standing. It is competitive, quick, action-focused, and required you to be fast-paced as well as strategic in making your moves.