Music is the best way to relax our mind and body. It’s not only a source of entertainment but it also gives peace to our mind. 

There are various forms of music available in the market such as folk, jazz, classical, English, Hindi, and others. Every person has their own taste in music and they love to listen to music as per their choice. 

Therefore, to satisfy music lovers’ choices and demands there are several music websites and apps available to listen to and download music at no cost. 

To know the list of best free music websites 2024, check the details mentioned below in this blog. 

Internet Archive

Internet Archive is one of the best free music websites 2024 to listen to and download music of your choice. 

The sorting and filtering options of this website based on titles, released date, creators, languages, and others are just superb and help to find music without any problem or issue. 

You can also download music by using this website in different formats such as MP3, OGG, and others, without any user account. 

Internet Archive website has various good things but its low-quality music and difficult navigation system add some negative points to the website. is a great way to listen and download music of your choice. Its MP3 download quality in just one click makes this website unique and audience favorite. 

You can use this website easily and there are no pop-up advertisements that create disturbance in your downloading. 

With all the good points, the website has some low points also. It is very difficult to find music on this website as the filter and sorting part is not up to the mark. 

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Bensound is also a good option for free music listening and downloading. This website offers free music from your favorite website YouTube and other sites, without any copyright issues. 

Without creating your user account in just a few clicks you can download your favorite music using this website. 

The best part of this website is its sorting or filtering options. Here the music is divided based on mood, energy level, instrument, duration, and others. 


Another best free music website in 2024 to listen to and download music of your choice is BeatStars. 

BeatStars offers music by sorting it on different bases such as the latest songs, moods, instruments, durations, energy levels, and others.

The download option on this website is quite different from others. Here to download a song you have to subscribe artist’s profile and follow his/her social media account. You have to add your email address to get the download links. 


Amazon is a brand and we all know about it as the best purchasing site. But the new thing about Amazon is it offers music to listen to and download. 

Its filtering and sorting section based on artist, release date, titles, and others is awesome. You can find your favorite music in just a few clicks. 

However irrelevant advertisements are the greatest drawback of this website. Moreover, music downloading is also complicated by using this website. 

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive as its name shows is a free music website 2024 to download and listen to music of your choice. 

The website offers various filters and more than 16 genres to get favorite music such as international, classical, hip-hop, jazz, and others. 

Its advanced search options and its unique and easy-to-use design, make this website different and entertaining. 


Jamendo is the best free music website where every artist has a right to distribute their music to their audience. 

In this platform, there are two important parts, Jamendo Music and Jamendo Licensing. 

By using Jamendo music you can download songs free and use them for personal use but to use them commercially you require Jamendo licensing which is paid one. 

The best part of this website is it offers various filters where you can sort your music based on the latest releases, trends, tracks, albums, artists, and others. 


One good name in the list of free music websites in 2024 is Soundclick. On this website, a new artist can share their music and become part of the music industry. 

You can find your favorite music from the sorted list. Moreover, you can also download music from the site by simply creating an account on it. 

Soundclick allows you to use music for personal use but for professional use you require certain kinds of permissions. 

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