Learning a new language is always a plus point. It not only adds to your overall portfolio but can be become a renowned skill as well. And if you learn languages like Spanish or French it all together becomes an even bigger plus point. The reason being these are some of the most frequently used languages.

Some Key Benefits of Learning a foreign language are-

Boosting the brainpower

Improvement in the memory

Increases the ability of multi-tasking

Helps in sharpening the mind

Plays an active role in enhancing the decision making

Breaks the cultural barriers when you visit places abroad

These are some of the key benefits of learning a foreign language. With everything shifting to digital you have the option of learning a language online very easily. Below I will be sharing a list of all those websites from where you can learn a language in no time!


COURSERA learn languages

Starting with Coursera which is one of those websites that offer you anything and everything to learn from. So learning any language on it becomes super easy. It has a very promising high-quality education to offer in a foreign language you wish to learn.

It includes specializations, a wide range of language courses as well as multi-courses. So, it has a lot to offer you just need to have the will to learn.

For Coursera, the learning is free but to access graded assignments as well as earning a certificate you will be required to pay.

How it Teaches

Also, for learning step by step and making sure you are grasping they have assignments, quizzes, and some tests to offer in between. This makes sure that whatever you learn in the online class stays with you and revise what you learned.


DUOLINGO learn languages

The Duolingo website is considered to be another famous website to learn a new language that too for free. The module of Duolingo starts with it teaching you the most basic words in the language you wish to learn. This helps in setting a base for you to learn the language. Once you start getting well-versed with words it shifts to sentences. That’s how it gradually teaches you the entire language.

How it Teaches

To make learning simple, easy as well as systematic in nature Duolingo will provide lessons with nature speakers that would include quizzes. These quizzes will help you practice and strengthen your learnings. Not only this the app even listens to you speak to note down your progress. Apart from all this the in-lesson grades or learning streaks keep you glued to the learning.

Duolingo is free on IOS, Android, web as well as Windows phone.


FLUENTU learn languages

One platform that helps to learn foreign languages using videos is Fluentu. The videos are like the regular ones that teach you the language.

How it Teaches

So teaching via videos happens just like any other video. For example, you might see a music clip, video, or just any person talking. Not only this the videos even have interactive captions that help learn the language. One thing about the platform which makes learning smooth and easy is that it presents the captions in two languages. So one language is the language you know while the other is which you are learning. Hence, anytime you get stuck you can check the word to understand its meaning. Along with this, it has captivating quizzes to make learning fun.

Also, FluentU isn’t free but you do have a 15-day trial to check it out.


MEMRISE learn languages

Another good website to get your language learning started is Memrise.

How it Teaches

It is quite similar in functioning to Duolingo as you learn by playing word games. Such word games help you to memorize the language faster and in a much easier as well as interesting way.

The basic features of this app are free however for the pro version you would be required to pay a certain amount. With the pro version, you unlock your access to skill exercises, video mode, analytics of your performance ,etc.



What sets Babbel apart is its personalized approach to teach a new language.

How it Teaches

With Babbel instead of starting with words, you are first given a topic to choose from that you wish to learn. To name a few would be food, travel, lifestyle, etc. Once you are done choosing the topic, then you will learn the vocabulary of that topic first. This keeps the lessons useful and interesting.

With Babbel, there isn’t any free trial. However, there is a 20-day money-back guarantee they offer.



A Language learning website with a fascinating business model is Rype.

How it Teaches

Rype adds a more personal and one to one touch by helping you learn through a personal instructor over a video call. So, it’s like a virtual class which is way more interactive, engaging as compared to the learning through videos. To begin you will be required to schedule a 30 or 60-minute call with your instructor who will teach you the language.

Along with learning languages, you can even learn academic subjects in a similar manner.

With Rype after a 7 day trial period you would have to pay a certain amount per month to use the service.

So, here are the websites you can look into and start your learning a new language journey!