Netflix and Amazon Prime are the hottest streaming services. From movies, to series to shows it has it all. Not only this it offers a wide variety of genres to choose from like rom-com, comedy, thriller,etc. But sometimes you might wonder which is the better out of the two? Both the streaming services support different platforms like smartphones, laptops, TV, etc.

But to make it easier below I will be sharing some key differences between the two-

This might help you in deciding which is better of the two-

Price and Availability



Picture Quality

Stand Alone Feature



1.Price and Availability

The cheapest plan on Netflix is around Rs 670 while the HD standard plan costs around Rs 960. For those who love Ultra-high defined HD streaming the premium plan costs Rs 1180.

One of the highlighting differences between Prime Video and Netflix being that Amazon’s streaming service comes standard with an Amazon Prime membership.


Honestly, Netflix is way more than a streaming service. People use the platform to chill, relax, binge watch, and leisure out. As compared to Amazon Prime the number of people using Netflix is way more. It is usually preferred way more over Amazon Prime video.

3. Compatibility

Both the streaming services are compatible with a lot of devices and that is what makes them so accessible. To name a few it would be Playstation, Apple TV, desktop, Amazon Fire TV, Blue Ray players, etc.

Not only this Netflix even has its very own Google Chromecast app. As far as Prime is considered you can cast it from your laptop or smartphone to your TV while using the streaming dongle.

4. Picture Quality

Regarding the quality both the services do offer a different range of definitions but without fail Prime does have a bigger hand here when it comes to streaming in 4K.

Although Netflix does offer a diverse range of films and shows but you will have to pay extra in order to access the Netflix 4k content. On the other hand, Prime offers more 4k content without charging anything extra. So, till the time you have a compatible device, streaming in Ultra HD would be easy.

5. Stand Alone Feature

One of the key features that make Netflix’s picture quality exceedingly amazing is its Dynamic-Scaling streams that means you won’t have to choose the quality level you wish to watch. It will adjust according to your bandwidth. For example, With low bandwidth it will deliver standard versions but if you have hardware and a proper subscription plan it will go up to 4K. Hence, it will keep adjusting.


Both Netflix and Prime allow you to download selected movies and shows in order to watch content offline if you wish to. The Netflix downloads would stay in your library for about 30 days at a time but will expire automatically after that.

With Prime Video there is a limited viewing period as well which varies depending on the titles. You will have about 30 days to watch your downloaded content. Once you start watching your downloaded content, you will be having about 48 hours before the content gets deleted.

7. Content

Netflix has become a renowned distributor of original movies, and TV series along with the range of originals, classics and exclusives it offers.

Some of the best original series on Netflix would include Stranger Things, Riverdale, House of Cards, Daredevil, Orange Is The New Black, The Witcher, Lost in Space, and many more!

It also offers some of the best rom-com, thrillers, drama, comedy series and movies. Similarly Prime also has an enormous library content to offer. To name a few would be The Office Us, The Walking Dead, Recreation, The Man in the High Castle, Mr. Robot, etc.

It also has an extensive range of films to offer and usually gets the rights to new releases much faster than other streaming services.

But unfortunately to see these newer films and TV shows you would either have to buy or rent the titles to watch it.

Hence, one thing you really need to take care of is knowing which movies, series, or shows are included within your subscription or plan.

While concluding I would like to say, to make a choice between the two make sure to consider the following criterias-

  1. Look at the library of content each platform offers and see which TV shows or movies appeal to you the most.
  2. If you are looking for just a one-stop destination of streaming TV shows as well as movies then Netflix can be a better option than Prime.
  3. If you are a regular Amazon shopper and need to save money on your shipping you must try Prime Video.
  4. In terms of pricing the variations aren’t too much between the two platforms but with Amazon video, you can pay for newer films. So, here Prime does stand out to be a better option than Netflix.

So, make sure to consider these criterias before making your choice of which platform is better and more suitable for you!