Nowadays, we all are using Android phones and apps too. But out of many applications, only a few of them are useful while others consuming our mobile phone space and battery.

There are millions of apps on the Google Play Store that look useful but not done our work properly. It is quite tricky to decide which app is good, which is not. So, here we mention the list of best and free Android Apps in different categories that are easy to use and important for Android users.

Music Apps for Android Phones

1. Spotify

When we think about music streaming the first name that strikes our mind is Spotify. With all the latest releases and massive collection of music, it is probably the best music app for Andriod user 2020.

The best part of the music app 2020 is it offers a free version. But if you want to enjoy ad-free music or even download it then subscribe it by paying a small amount of $10 a month.

2. Soundcloud

With no advertisement and no subscription fees, Soundcloud is the best music app for Android 2020. You can discover new music and stream it from the cloud.

The music streaming application has relatively unknown artists. The best part of the 2020 music app is here you find lots of podcasts and by using its pro version you even become an artist themselves.

3. Google Play Music

The popular music streaming app that contains a huge library of music is Google Play Music. It allows users to upload up to 50,000 of their songs for online storage and also stream it later on any of the mobile devices.

Google Play Music is easy to use the application in Android phones and it can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store.

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Mobile Payment Apps for Android Phones

1. Google Pay

The best mobile payment app for Android phones is Google Pay. It keeps user information safe by not sharing actual card details.

The top part of this 2020 app allows you to add any card type from the given list of the banks and also a huge amount of reward cards. It is easy to use and download from Google Play Store easily.

2. Paypal

The popular online payment app Paypal is used to purchase goods from physical stores with NFC payment.

It is a worldwide app that accommodates funds in different currencies and connects with banks from different countries. It is the best mobile wallet in 2020 and a good option for NFC payments to many.

3. Venmo

The complete combination of Paypal and Google Pay is Venmo. It is a unique app that connects and shares stories with friends and family. Add notes to payments and transactions using texts and emojis is the best feature of this mobile payment app.

People can shop at online stores, send funds to family or friends, and share or split payments, by using Venmo.

Messaging apps for Android Phones

1. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is the important name in the list of Messaging Apps for Android Phones in 2020. 

The best part of this app supports various features such as messaging, sharing capabilities, free voice and video calls and others. It is easy to use and the best way to connect to people which you want.

2. Google Messages

A regular texting and user-friendly app for Android users is Google Messages. It is easily available on the Google Play Store to download.

If you have a phone and wireless carrier that supports RCS, Google Messages can offer lots of features that include messaging over Wi-Fi, read receipts, group chats and many other important things.

3. Facebook Messenger

Like various other messaging apps, Facebook Messenger is one of the best apps for Android user that connect them to their friends and family.

The best part of this app is it allows voice and video calls, voice messages, etc. It also supports various interesting sticker packs and others and also available easily on the Google Play Store to download.

Movies and TV Shows watch online and download apps

1. Netflix

Since 1997, Netflix entertains the audience with its original content. It is a hub of popular movies and top-rated series. It allows users to watch their content by using its standard plan that ranges from $10.99 to $12.99.

The web-based video accessing platform offers the first 30 days Netflix free trial subscription to watch and download your favorites.

2. Amazon Prime Video

The best Internet video-on-demand service provider Amazon Prime Video grew its services by expanding its libraries and adding Prime Video membership.

It allows subscribers to watch their favorite movies, television shows, matches, and original content. Its rich content library allows streaming popular web shows and movies at nominal prices. The best part of streaming giants is they offer free one month trial.

3. Hulu

The emerging online streaming channel Hulu provides enjoyment of streaming a bunch of movies, television shows, documentaries and more on various internet-connected devices.

Hulu’s unique subscription plans allow easily stream the content on a good platform with the best price and resolution. It’s 30 days free trial that offers streaming all your favorite movies and television shows free.

Some other apps of 2020

1. Google Find My Device

The best and free android apps to find theft or loss of the device is “Google Find My Device”. The easy to use app helps to locate the mobile phone when it is missing, reset its pin and password and delete all data.

The important and some good features of Google Find My Device is Geolocation and deleting data remotely.

2. CamScanner

CamScanner is one of the best Android applications that use to scan documents using the phone’s camera. Its smart cropping and auto enhancing features for texts and the graphics are clear and sharp.

Its essay writing platform assists in the forms of writing an assignment from scratch or proofreading and editing the work. 

3. Bumble

The Android app of 2020 that makes the dating process easy is Bumble. You can date the right people around you using this app.

The important part of this app is allowing its users to swipe through potential connections around the globe. Women also make the first move using this interesting and most popular of Android Application.

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