Wondering which reality show to watch? We’ve listed down some of the best reality shows on Netflix for you!

Bling Empire- One of the best reality shows on Netflix

It is always fun to watch unscripted reality shows on Netflix. They are addictive in a way and are sometimes more interesting than any other show on TV.

Are you in a mood to watch some real, unscripted and interesting reality shows? Here is the list of the top 5 reality shows on Netflix you should watch right now:

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Singles Inferno- One of the top trending reality shows on Netflix you must watch

Singles Inferno is one of the most trending reality shows on Netflix these days. First released on 2021, this South Korean dating reality show on Netflix has two seasons, both of which received great response from viewers across the world.

Singles Inferno has a very simple concept. Nine singles from South Korea who are ready to find love gather on a desolate island in search of love. They can leave the deserted island only for date nights as couples.

Singles Inferno has become one of the most popular reality shows on Netflix owing to its great contestants and the cute chemistry they formed in the island.

You can watch both the episodes of Singles Inferno on Netflix.

Love is Blind- One of the must watch dating reality shows on Netflix

Love is Blind is another popular dating reality show on Netflix. Currently there are three seasons of Love is Blind which are all out for you to enjoy watching.

This dating reality show on Netflix follows the story of fifteen single men and women who are very much ready to mingle. These single contestants all come from the same city and they go on dates with each other in specially constructed pods.

These pods are made in a way that the contestants can communicate over a speaker. However, they cannot see one another. The single contestants are matched with each other through quick dates. However, they may choose to go on for longer dates eventually in the show.

The main twist of this dating reality show which has made it one of the most popular reality shows on Netflix is that the contestants can see their match only after they propose and agree to marry each other. The newlyweds can then travel to a resort for a couples’ retreat and spend time getting to know their spouses while on this journey.

You can watch Love is Blind on Netflix

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Bling Empire

We all enjoy watching the lives of the filthy rich socialites and Bling Empire is centered just around this. Bling Empire is one of the top reality shows on Netflix. There are a total of three seasons as of now in this show and it is loved by viewers from across the world.

The main cast of this American reality show on Netflix are all from Southeast Asian and East Asian descent. This makes Bling Empire the first American reality shows on Netflix with such unique cast.

The show follows the lives of rich, materialistic Southeast and East Asian Americans who live in Los Angeles. These well-off individuals are also called real-life Crazy Rich Asians.

All the drama, sparkle, and glamour in this show on the list of the top reality shows on Netflix makes it a really fun watch.

You can watch all the three seasons of Bling Empire here on Netflix.

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Is It Cake?

We all love cakes, cakes with pretty flowers, icings and other decorations. But have you seen or eaten a table cake or a vegetable cake that looks nothing like a cake?

As you may have already guessed from its name, Is It Cake is a baking reality show on Netflix. This baking game show is inspired from a popular TikTok and Twitter meme of the same name.

Several skilled bakers or cake artists participate in this baking competition to make ridiculously similar replicas of bowling pins, handbags, antique radios, toys and much more. And this replica cakes are not just visually pleasing but also tasty at the same time.

The replica cakes is then placed among other real life objects. Several judges on the show then try to guess which one among them is the real cake.

Is It Cake is a really fun and interesting reality show that you will definitely enjoy watching. You can watch Is It Cake on Netflix

Too Hot To Handle

Too Hot to Handle is another great popular reality shows on Netflix that you must watch right now. This popular series on Netflix is yet another dating reality show and was first released in 2020. It soon become really popular among viewers from across the world and right now there are already four seasons of the dating show.

Too Hot to Handle follows a group of adults who are usually involved in meaningless flings and are unable to build meaningful relationships. These contestants are all housed together for four weeks.

The contestants are required to attend a number of workshops in this reality show and are prohibited from making love, engaging in sexual intercourse, or engaging in self-gratification. 

The purpose of this is to encourage real ties among the participants. The participants’ $100,000 ultimate prize is lowered every time they breaks any rule of the show. Too Hot to Handle is a fun and interesting reality dating show that you should watch right now.

You can watch Too Hot to Handle on Netflix

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Last Update: January 24, 2023