In mood of watching some romance series on Netflix? Here are the top romantic shows on Netflix you can watch right now.

Top romantic shows on Netflix bto watch right now

We all love watching romance series every once in a while. May it be the sweet romance between the characters, or the comedic love story, watching romance series on Netflix is the cure to our boredom on some days, and make us feel warm on the other day.

Are you looking for a sweet, comic lovey dovey romantic show on Netflix to watch right now? If yes, we’ve got you!

Here is a list of the top six romance series on Netflix for you to watch right now!

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Virgin River- One of the must watch romantic shows on Netflix

Virgin River is one of the top romance series on Netflix. It is based on the novel bearing same name by the writer Robyn Carr.

The plot of Virgin River centers around Melinda Monroe. She is a nurse and so she responds to a job posting for  nurse practitioner in Virgin River, a small community in remote Northern California. 

She believes it will be the ideal setting for her to start over and put her traumatic past behind her. But she quickly finds out that small-town life is more complicated than she had anticipated.

You can watch Virgin River on Netflix

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Bridgerton- One of the top romantic series on Netflix

Bridgerton was one of the top hot and trending romantic series on Netflix last year. This romantic series on Netflix has a total of two seasons as of now and it first released in 2020.

The plot of Bridgerton follows the life of eight siblings of the Bridgerton family during the regency era as they try to find love. The stunning cast of this lavish romance series along with its beautiful period costumes and hot love stories make it a must watch.

You can watch Bridgerton on Netflix

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Feel Good- A popular semi autobiographical romance drama series on Netflix

Feel Good is another great romantic shows on Netflix. It is a semi biographical series and tells the story of comedian Mae Martin.

Mae Martin is a comedian who is trying to get rid of her drug addiction. She meets George, a middle class and conservative woman. They soon start dating each other but Mae’s drug addiction starts creating a lot of trouble in their relationship.

On the other hand, conservative George does not wish to come out and tell others of her relationship with Mae. Feel Good is a great romantic series that you must watch!

You can watch Feel Good on Netflix

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Never Have I Ever- One of the most popular adolescence romance comedy shows on Netflix

Never Have I Ever is another great romance series on Netflix that became a huge hit among viewers all around the world. This romance series has 3 seasons all of which received great response from the audience owing to its sweet and often funny romance story and a great cast.

The storyline of Never Have I Ever centers around Devi, a middle school Indian American girl who is trying hard to “fit in” her freshman year after the sudden death of her father.

She makes new friends and even gets a boyfriend, however, things don’t really go well for Devi as her feelings and her family don’t seem to go easy on her.

You can watch Never Have I Ever on Netflix

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Young Royals- A must watch teen queer romantic series on Netflix

Young Royals in one of the top romance series on Netflix that tells a sweet teen romance story. This romance show is set in a fiction boarding school for the elites. The storyline of Young Royals centers around Prince Wilhelm of Sweden.

Prince Wilhelm falls in love with his classmate but there is a twist. His lover is Simon, another male student which causes quite a lot of drama for the teen lovers of the elite school.

You can watch Young Royals, one of the top romantic shows on Netflix here.

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Jane The Virgin- One of the best romance series on Netflix that you must watch

Jane the Virgin is one of the best romantic shows on Netflix. The plot of Jane the Virgin follows the life of Jane Villanueva, a 23 year old virgin woman. We all have had crushes. But what would you do if you found out that you were accidently carrying your crush’s baby? Sounds weird right?

Jane is a simple Latin girl who is religious and hopes to remain virgin until marriage. Her life completely changes when she finds out that she was inseminated artificially after her visit to the gynecologist.

To make the matter worse, she finds out that the donor is her own boss who is married. This boss of her is a playboy and also her “teenage crush”.

You can watch one of the best rom com series, Jane the Virgin here on Netflix

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