Books or Audiobooks are always proving best friends than any other thing.

Different people have different choices related to books or novels like some of us like to read suspense thriller novels, some like to read science-fiction books, some like to read motivational books and many others.

But with the hectic and tiring work schedule, we do not get enough time to open a book and read it. Thanks to audiobooks now it is easy to gain knowledge and read favorite books, just by opening free audiobooks websites on mobile phones and connecting earphones to it.

You can now enjoy books anywhere, anytime while traveling on a bus or train, cooking delicious food for the family, exercising in house or gym, and any time when you are free.

We bring the best website list that provides you the facility to download audiobooks, free.

Internet Archive

Founded in: May 12, 1996

Internet Archive is a digital library where you find an ample number of audiobooks, movies, games, software applications, and music-related material.

It is just like a physical library in school where you find your favorite audiobooks by subject, keyword, or with the help of a search box.

The best part of the Internet Archive is along with download, it also offers an upload option. So, if you are a good author or a fresher and want people to know about you, the Internet Archive is the best platform for you.

Project Gutenberg

Founded in: 1971

Project Gutenberg is the first platform that starts providing ebooks or audiobooks to users.

Just like LibriVox, it is also a volunteer dependent website, contains various books written by volunteers and some narrated by computer.

The platform contains a huge collection of literary works sorted as keywords, author, titles, subject, language, recently added eBooks, most frequently downloaded eBooks, etc.

The best of Project Gutenberg is no registration, no fees and no special app is required to access audiobooks here.


Founded in: 2006

Spotify a popular music streaming channel also provides audiobooks related to various authors that are free to listen. If you choose its premium subscription, then you listen to audiobooks without any advertisement or problem.

Tips to find audiobooks on Spotify

  • Type audiobooks in the search bar of the top of your Spotify screen.
  • Scroll the page until you find Artists, Albums, and Playlists section.

Note: It is available at the bottom of the result page, so keep scrolling.

  • Look over the playlists, find stuff that you want to listen and check its artist.
  • Some narrators have an artist page and some add it directly. So, it is important to check the artist.
  • Once its done, now time to listen to audiobooks,
  • For this look at the title of the audiobook title, here you find three dots.
  • Tap on the dots, a pop-up menu will appear. You want to find Go to Album.
  • Tap on it and it will redirect you to the full audiobook page.

Learn Out Loud

Founded in: 2005

Learn Out Loud as its name shows is the perfect place for audiobooks and video learning lovers.

Library contains 50, 0000 educational audiobooks, podcasts, and videos that you can browse by creating a free account on it.

Find audiobooks in various categories here such as arts & entertainment, biography, education & professional, philosophy, technology, social sciences, self-development, travel, etc.

Note: You can download or even stream audiobooks online here.


Founded in: 2005

Started by Montreal-based writer Hugh McGuire, LibriVox is volunteers based website that record public domain books and upload them as free audiobooks.

Inspired by Latin word liber (book) and vox (voice) the audiobooks website was released with the motive to provide all books in public domain free, in audio format on the internet and it achieves its motive.

LibriVox has completed 10, 000 projects and its catalog work is available in 30 different languages.

Note: Available at Android and iOS devices.


Lit2Go is a popular online website where you find thousands of plays, short stories, audiobooks, and poems, written by various authors.

The audiobooks website is divided into five important categories out of which some are further divided into sub-categories, for users to find its favorite books. Alphabetical sorting is available in each category.

Categories of Lit2Go are

  • Authors
  • Books
  • Genres: Sub-categories- Adventure, Epic, Fairy tale, Fantasy, History, Philosophy, Poetry, Realism, etc.
  • Collections
  • Readability

Famous content available here is Philosophy and Fun of Algebra, Poems, and Limericks of Edward Lear, Shakespeare’s Hamlet, etc.


Founded in: 2007

Out of various good audiobooks website, Scribl is the best where you find both free and paid content. The site offer Ebooks, Audio Books, and Podcasts in nine different languages.

Scribl offers content in various genres such as romance, humor, horror, science-fiction, fantasy, mystery, political, etc. So, choose as per your interest.

Scribl app is also available for Android and iOS users.

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