On Tuesday, Facebook makes the big announcement that its face recognition technology will now be accessed by all users with an additional option to opt-out while deciding to discontinue the related feature called “Tag Suggestions”.

In December 2017, Facebook introduced a Face recognition feature that notifies the account holder if their profile photo is used by someone else or if they are tagged with a photo or video or if they appear in a photo where they have not been tagged.

The Facebook Tag suggestion, setting, which uses face recognition technology suggest user tag their friends in a video or photo, has been at the focuses of a privacy related lawsuit since 2015.

The lawsuit by Illinois blames the social media company for disobeys the State’s Biometric Information Privacy Act. It declared that it is illegal to collect and store biometric information of billion of people without their consent.

Last month, a federal appeals court dismisses Facebook’s effort to undo the class-action status of the lawsuit.

Last month Facebook said that we always inform people about the use of face recognition technique and people can also turn it on and off according to their requirement.

 Now people can tag friends manually but Facebook won’t suggest you be tagged if you do not have your face recognition turned on, “Facebook said.

The company also said it continues to engage with privacy experts, academics, regulators and its users on how it uses face recognition and the options users have to control it

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Last Update: September 4, 2019