Jacques Bermon Webster II officially known as Travis Scott is famous around the world for its unique rapes and songs. 

Born in 1992, Travis achieved greater heights of success. He has a blasting career as a singer, songwriter, and record keeper. 

People are crazy about his songs, they love them and enjoy his every rap and song. To know more about Travis Scott and his website details, check the blog below. 

How does Travis Scott gain popularity? 

Travis Scott gained popularity due to his unique and beautiful sound which is a complete mixture of Hip-Hop, Trap, and psychedelic music. 

His journey of success started when he self-released his first mixtape, titled Owl Pharaoh in 2013. It gained lots of love from the audience and was also nominated for BET hip-hop awards. 

After that, he released various Mixtapes such as Days Before Rodeo in 2014, Rodeo in 2015, and many others, and immense success and career growth. 

Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight released in 2016 is his first number one album on the Billboard 200 chart. Astroworld released in 2018 became his second consecutive number album on the Billboard 200 chart.

Travis Scott is a globally recognized artist and pop culture figure that won various awards in his career to date and more are on the list. 

Starting with the BET hip hop award in 2013, Travis continued his journey of winning awards such as the Teen Choice Award in 2017, MTV Europe Music Award in 2018, Brit Awards in 2019, UK Music Video Awards in 2021, and others. 

His high-energy stage performances are just like an awesome roller-coaster ride that his fans love the most. 

Scott not only produces the best music but he also contributes to youth education. He also helps people who affected by natural disasters. 

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Travis Scott Collaboration

Travis Scott collaborated with various fashion brands such as Nike, Sony PlayStation, McDonald’s, Dior, and others which contributed to his popularity in the music world. 

His T-shirts with unique and compelling design, color, and good quality design is famous among the people. 

His hoodies, jackets, and hats including his lyrics artwork, and logos are the most famous outfits, for its fans. 

How much is the Travis Scott AP? 

After collaborating with various famous brands, Travis Scott is now working with Swiss luxury watchmaker Audemars Piguet to produce a small batch of the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar. 

The watch or the masterpiece, Scott has released is limited in Stock. It is a 41mm timepiece, encased in a chocolate ceramic case with a brown calfskin strap. 

The best of it is, that “Utopia is a State of Mind” engraved on the back of this beautiful piece. 

Travis Scott Ap watch Price is $200, 000 and it is limited to 200 pieces. 

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What’s new Travis Scott bring for its audience? 

If you have missed the watch then don’t worry, Travis Scott on December 5 has released an ample collection of shirts, robes, slippers, and others. 

Its price is also reasonable starting from $60 for a hat to $1,850 for a leather bomber jacket. His collection has various awesome and interesting things that you can easily purchase. 

To purchase or check out his full collection, you have to visit his website travisscott.com.

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