How Steve Knight dream about the Apple TV Plus new series “SEE”?

see tv series

Jason Momoa’s, who is famous among people as Khal Drogo, a character of popular series “Game of Thrones” is back in the Apple series “See” like a ferocious fighter “Baba Voss” that live in a future world- but actually it is not future that rise to mind when considering post-apocalyptic drama.

It’s a future that offers shock to the person who initially visualizes it. Steve Knight, a renowned name and the creator of amazing series “Peaky Blinders”, is once again written an interesting TV series “See” available on Apple TV+ streaming service. With director Francis Lawrence, Knight develops a story which will set in several centuries in the future, showing how an enigmatic illness destroys most of mankind and leave some survivors but blind. He focuses on the world where people are blind and a sound of new people returning whispers everywhere, include strong Baba Voss and his new wife that give birth to a pair of twin siblings who are gifted with eyesight because of their biological father, the mysterious Jerlamarel.

See series raise so many questions in audience mind such as from where the idea comes? How does the queen talk to god via orgasm? Steve Knight has given answers to all and also explains the reason behind the story, mentioned below.

When you get the idea that you have to create a series like “See”?

One morning, as usual when I wake up in Beverly Wilshire Hotel, in Beverly Hills, England, I am thinking of something and I suddenly have an idea what people do if they couldn’t see? What if this importance sense removes from them? Six hundred years into the future, how has it worked out for humanity? I kept thinking about this and thought people would be happier, the planet would be in far better condition and surely humans who dominate the environment no more exist. I get surrounded by this thought process and kept thinking about its consequences and start writing.

Coincidentally, two days later, my favorite producer Jeno Topping, give me a lift to Santa Monica. When we were in the car, I explained her story. She starts driving slowly and when we reached the Fairmont Hotel, she is ready to produce the story. We forward script to many people and they are ready to work with us. But it has seemed natural that Apple would be chosen to premiere it because the story is groundbreaking and Apple is also forming new levels.

Which character strikes your mind first?

Undoubtedly, Baba Voss, he is a powerful character from the starting and I want to present him as a great warrior who has children but not biological one and he tries to make them bigger. He is the ultimate warrior who does not have its children, but still, he is the ultimate male warrior. I want to examine that as a situation. The dialogues, the stories, and the characters come from sitting down and doing it, though, rather than trying to plan it.

How the idea of Queen Kane character strike your mind, importantly the way character communes with god through sexual pleasure?

Every person has a different point of view about the culture. Systems of prayers have changed a lot over thousands of years. I just have thought if one sense of people is removed, the value of other senses might increase. The sensuality of that society might be heightened. If that’s the case, how would that reflect itself in one’s belief system? Everyone wants an explanation of what the hell is going on. Maybe an explanation that would emerge is: “The things that make you feel good are good. That’s what ‘good’ is, and therefore, that’s what god is.” It’s surely a part of human history where humans think in that way, specifically in ancient Greece and Rome as well. I just thought that people might pray in that way at that time.

For the storyline of the series, how you talk or consult with blind people?

With a team of consultants, we spent a lot of time with people who were blind or born with low vision. We talk to them, asking them questions like “How they dream”? What does a dream feel like, if you’re not given visual cues throughout the day?” The foremost thing I learned there is how these visually challenge people, incredibly live their lives and grow. One of the friends, of our chief consultant Joe Strechay, climbed Everest and the highest peaks of every continent on the planet and did it unaided and blind. I found it amazing and thinking no one else has done that. There is another excellent experience that we gained there, we met a married couple, and both of them were born blind. They had a beautiful and happy relationship. When I asked them- if you get a pill from which you can see the world, would you accept it? They both instantly said no. They have a different way of addressing the world, without light. It is a perfect way of addressing the world. I think humans will be less dominating the environment and that is another important thing with is focusing on the series.

Apart from so many best streaming channels, you choose Apple. What’s your vision for the future of television storytelling?

No one can predict that. But as a writer and creator of See, I must say Apple is a great platform to work with. They trust and give creative people space to explore their ideas. Personally, for me, it was just like working with the BBC. What is great about television is writers and creators have allowed taking chances. They don’t need to worry about the first weekend, earning or multiplex seats filing. It’s just popular show Peaky Blinders where people learn about your idea, move towards your idea and start liking your idea. You surely gain an audience, not instantly, but with time.

What do you think about its second season?

We already working on it and I want to present a different story and when you view it in its entirety, it has a beginning, middle and an end that makes a point. You want it to be like a novel. In the end, you surely come away with a message or a point of view.


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