Waking up one day and find yourself in a different world? You see a massive change in yourself while looking at the mirror. Surrounded by advanced technologies and see you have your own family to run and when you look at the calendar you were shocked that you traveled 20 years back.

You will travel in the distant future through time travel. Sounds interesting, this is the concept of the new upcoming Hindi web series JL 50 released on OTT platform Sony LIV.

As Hollywood always amazes us with the Sci-fi series and movies and set a bar, the Indian sci-fi from Fun2shh in 2003 to Baar Baar Dekho in 2016, has failed to do justice with this concept. But the series has stood out and made justice while dealing with the concept of time travel.

The Bollywood actor Abhay Deol makes a comeback into the industry in this latest web series. He played the lead role in the series as a CBI officer.

The perfect blend of science with mythology, directed and written by Shailender Vyas released on September 4, 2020.

How the mysterious plane found that had taken off from Kolkata airport 35 years ago? Is this time travel possible?

Many questions strike on the CBI officer while investigating the case. The series is inspired by a real-life incident. The viewers show their love with 8 IMDB rating.

How the plot of JL 50 look like?

JL 50 story set in science- fiction, thriller, mystery, time- travel.

Story revolves around the mysterious plane crashed that taken off from the Kolkata airport 35 years ago. This leads to an investigation of how the plane JL 50 that has been lost in 1984 appears after 35 years near the North Bengal Mountain. Believe it or not, this is the plot of the series JL 50.

The case handled by CBI officer Shantanu, played by Abhay Deol start their investigation. While on an investigation he finds some evidence that relates to the time travel but he assumed that this is the stage, set of creating chaos.

Due to impact of the crash, the whole plane damaged and the part of the cockpit found on the hills, only two survivors found from them-the pilot and the professor.

While interrogation with the pilot of JL 50 named Bihu Gosh played by Ritika Anand, she revealed the shocking truth that she is the pilot of JL 50 that has been taking off from Kolkata in 1984.

Both survivors haven’t changed a bit and look alike that she has been looking like 35 years ago. The CBI officer thinks this is all set up and when he interacts with a quantum physics Professor Das played by Pankaj Kapur, who takes the investigation on another level by revealing the possibility of the time travel. How this mystery being solve by the CBI officer? Join Abhay Deol on Sony Liv with all the 4 episodes of JL 50.

JL50 total episodes list

The Crash

The Conspiracy

The Unfolding

The Other Plan

Who are the characters of the JL 50 series?

The Bollywood actor Abhay Deol has a comeback in the series played the role of the CBI officer named Shantanu. He played as the lead role in the series and investigates the case of a mysterious plane that has been missing 35 years ago and appears out from nowhere. He thinks from the beginning that there is the conspiracy being set off, but when he meets Professor Das, reveals the concept of time travel. Abhay Deol acting is flawless and does justice to his character.

The Bollywood actor, director, and writer of Indian cinema, Pankaj Kapur played the role of professor Subrata Das, one of the great professors of quantum physics. He came with the concept of time travel with the incident related to a plane crash. He melts the heart with the outstanding speech about the time wrap India caught in.

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In an official statement to Cinestaan, Ritika Anand talked about her dual role as an actor and producer of JL50. She said that acting is her passion and producing is her profession. Ritika Anand played the role of one of two survivors that have been found in the crash. She is the pilot of the flight JL 50 and while interrogation she reveals some shocking truth, that makes the case more twisted and tangled.

Piyush Mishra, the second survivor of the plane crashed played as Biswajit Chandra. His appearance is not much seen in the series, unable to showcase his talents.

Rajesh Sharma who acts in famous movies like Ms. Dhoni, Special 26, Bajrangi Bhaijaan will feature in the Hindi web series, played the role of a CBI officer who works with Shantanu and helps as an investigating partner to find out the missing lead in the series.

Rohit Basfore as Ward boy and actress Amrita Chattopadhyay played the role of Shantanu wife, will be seen as supporting roles.

Where to watch the show?

Watch the trending web series on Sonyliv premium subscription is available in three subscription plans. You get 3 subscription plans yearly as well as monthly. The yearly subscription costs Rs. 999, while the monthly subscription is available at Rs. 299. Six-month subscription plan priced at Rs. 699.

You can download the series on Sonyliv, via the mobile app. The streaming platform allows app users to download content. You can download the content on the app so you can watch anytime in offline mode.

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